Dave said...


Christopher said... sorry - didn't mean to gooseberry.

I'll try again later.

Mel said...

Oh look.......A Chicken!
Or two.

(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

Yaknow, I didn't even last til midnight.
The bug was my excuse.
Actually, had no desire to watch the hands of the clock change. I did have a desire to grab as much sleep as I could.

And yaknowwhat--nope, nothing changed.
Well, 'cept we had a squirmy, wriggley wee thing waking us up at 3a.m. *yawning*

NOW I know why gramma's and grammpa's go nite nite when the sun goes down. :-/

I, Like The View said...

Mel oh I remember all that! however cute she is, she's still going to be waking people up at g*d knows what time all night long. . .

gotta grab sleep while you can when there's a baby in the house!

Christopher not a gooseberry, always welcome (perhaps you could offer a male persective on why Dave's suddenly sending me kisses. . .)

Dave I just don't know what to say

*puckers up*

Dave said...

It's my new year attitude to life.


I, Like The View said...

I'm liking it! does it feel as good your end. . .

. . .oh, hang on. . . does this mean that you're kissing everyone? not just me?

*chin begins to wobble*

*sniff sniff*

as the proverbial penny drops

(actually, I'm not the jealous type - keep kissing me and I don't mind what you do with anyone else)

Christopher said...

Dave and I shook hands once. That's as far as it went. Don't worry.

*waits for Mel to ask what a gooseberry is*

Dave said...

Only you have this special place in my heart.


I, Like The View said...

Dave if you're teasing me, I just might cry

on the other hand, perhaps you have lots of special places in your heart. . .

. . .and this is just one of them

Christopher is he leaving you kisses too?

Dave said...

I would never tease a lady.

I, Like The View said...

you do know I am a lady (despite most appearances to the contrary), right?

Dave said...

Of course. I don't flirt with gentlemen.

I, Like The View said...

so, are you saying that you are flirting with me. . .

. . .or am I mis-reading something (probably your sense of humour)

Christopher said...

I'm in a right gooseberry jam here - can't pass by without one or other of you baring your souls.

*buys single ticket to Madagascar*

I, Like The View said...

oh Christopher, for goodness sake. . . I'm not baring my soul (crikey, it would take a lot more than an x from Dave for me to bare my soul! and he knows that!!)

but, on the other hand, from what I've seen in the movies, Madagascar is a fun place to go. . . Mel likes dancing with the penguins for a start!

perhaps I should buy a few more tickets, and we could all voyage together. . .

port out, starboard home? (does that work if one sails to Madagascar?)

(oh, and I'm pretty sure Ms Mel has asked The Brit what the gooseberry is all about, unless they already knows about gooseberries over the pond)

Mel said...

<-- knows a gooseberry is a fruit!




<-- has no clue what a gooseberry is other than a fruit, which...LOL....might work if we're talkin' figuratively!

Mel said...



Dancin' penguins!!!!!!!


Yes, please.