on the other hand. . .



Mel said...

-4 and I ain't tellin' the windchill.....

Ample temps for making ice cubes.

I could make piratey ice cubes!

'Cuse me....

I, Like The View said...

I can't make ice cubes as my freezer broke yesterday


oh well. . . it was pretty old. . .

however, I'd just had a huge internet grocery shop delivered. . . so this morning X and the boys popped over to collect food that was defrosting (X doesn't really do grocery shopping, so this helped him out!) and all the food I couldn't fit into the fridge (ditto!)

on the news last night they showed a family who had used plastic storage containers to shape the snow in their garden into blocks of ice, with which they then made an igloo in the garden - and slept in it!!

you might like this (not that you get igloos and penguins at the same pole. . .)



I, Like The View said...

(we have some wicked wind chills going on. . .)

Mel said...

Welcome to my world.

(not the world of penguins sliding down igloo cakes--now how cute was that!)

This morning we're -13 with a -32 windchill.


I stuck my nose out to check on the piratey ice cubes.

Later I'm gonna blow bubbles and watch 'em freeze....which is wayyyy cool.
Literally and figuratively.

Bless the helpers with the freezer situation.
Couldn't break before grocery ordering--OH no.... *shaking head*

What's up with the appliances in your life anyway?

I, Like The View said...

well, I know it's been almost that cold in parts of the UK, but not here so far

if it was, I could just put the food outside!

as for the appliances in my life, I figure I'll just have to grin and bear it until I've replaced everything!

(luckily, X installed a new boiler when he was living here with the children, so that's one less worry. . . and guess what - he bought himself a new coffee maching, cos his old one had given up the ghost, and the new one was broken when it arrived and he's now having the same problem with getting it mended as I've had - we have four broken machines between us now!!!)

mig said...

It's a coffee machine epidemic!
Thank heavens my six caffetieres still work!
(yes there are some things I'm just a trifle obsessive about)