yes? no? shall I repeat the question!



Mel said...

Yes, please.


Oooohhhhh....little boat! Little boat!! :-)

Anonymous G said...



Happy Weekend!

Dave said...

I like to enjoy the seasons for what they are. Would get very bored with sunshine every day.

Christopher said...

Yes, every time. No point in being negative about deck chairs. I'd like No. 3, please. And a pinacolada, Ada.

(Ada's the barmaid in the seafront café behind.)

Vicus Scurra said...

I'll be back later to help Dave out of his deckchair.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus exactly - the sun was shining, but it was about minus fifteen on the coast, so he'll be frozen to his seat

Christopher is the pinacolada for antifreeze purposes? I love proper stripey deckchairs, but I do like these ones

Dave I find really really torrential rain entrancing, but grey skies don't do it for me

if I lived where you do, I'd be taking plenty of long walks (as you do) - somehow London streets don't "do it" for me when the sky is grey and it's cold and damp

it's bright blue and sunny at the moment, we don't seem to have had the promised snow. . .

you know that NASA image they keep showing on the news, frozen Britain blanketed in white? it doesn't look like that in the suburbs!

I feel cheated

g you too, sweetie X

Mel thought you'd like a glimpse of those!


Mel said...


(with or without the little boats--but especially with!)

<-- wants to watch Vicus hoist Dave from the chair :-/

I, Like The View said...

so long as they don't both topple over the railings and into the sea

Dave said...

London streets don't "do it" for me at all.

I'm concerned that Vicus' bath chair may roll away in the breeze.

I, Like The View said...

well, you're very lucky to live where you live then! I loved Shropshire in the snow, the two years that I lived in the country

I'm concerned you might push Vicus over the edge

Christopher said...

I've been wanting to ask, dear I, how strongly Dave and Vicus remind you of Waldorf and Astor in Sesame Street?

Would you say:

1. Completely
2. Fully
3. Totally
4. Incontrovertibly
5. Irresistibly?

Mel said...


He does have a point.....