things I learnt today

that I should have known before
undecorating the xmas tree and taking it to the recycling in a mohair jumper is not such a good idea
ok, so I'm blonde and there isn't a smile on my face
and my jumper is far more prickly than her outfit,
apart from that it's a good match

watching West Side Story with Mini-Teen and disagreeing when she asks you "not to sing along" is not such a good idea
if I wore Paul Smith
this would be the proverbial sock,
which I had to "put in it"

watching SE7EN with The Teen and expecting him to find it as scary as you do is not such a good idea

and hoping google images
will come up with "a head in a box"
sometimes has strange results


Dave said...


Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for your continued wisdom. I have never applied any of it, but do not let that discourage you.

Mel said...

I'd say as long as the socks don't match.......


Kids and trees.

Can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em. LOL

OMgosh I need more coffee.

I, Like The View said...

Mel I'm still on my first cup of the morning (which is tea). . . (undecorating the tree really took it out of me) (but, boy oh boy, does the tidied up living space look great. . .) (not as twinkly, but great nonetheless) (actualy, I'm kinda missing the tree. . .)

<----- needs coffee

Vicus it is more than my pleasure to offer up topics and commentaries on topics and matters of which you have no use or need

the fact you dropped in share words of encouragement will ensure I continue in 2010

Dave wonders will never cease (now, seeing as I don't do popular culture either, please could you translate the emoticon? ta!)

Dave said...

It was a typo: my keyboard is slowly falling apart, and the shift key sometimes doesn't work. Or I was in open-mouthed amazement at your socks.

Spadoman said...

Head in a box. Are you familiar with the Man in the jar?


mig said...

LOL! That is a head in a box!
I shall be glad when we dismantle the Christmas tree, I'm getting tired of crawling about underneath it (like a lost present) trying to find the plug for the lights.

Sorrow said...

Love the head in a box, reminds me of the snot pots I make.
I have altered my expectation threshold where the kidlets are involved.
The teen thought "twilight " was horrifying
and the little one cried at the sound of music...
still wondering...