not a great start

I'm out of milk (so my first cup of the morning tea didn't taste quite right)

I'm out of coffee
(not that my machine works anyhow)

I'm out of ciggies
(nicotine gum just isn't the same)

I've just realised I forgot to record Spinal Tap (but it will probably be repeated, in another decade)
but hey! it's not all bad. . . I mean, those aren't the least of my problems, okay so they're not the most of them either, but if that's all that's bothering me first thing, then it's not as bad as all that, is it. . .
I suppose I better get dressed and go out for supplies. . .
what are you up to today?


Rimshot said...

Happy New Year!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed.

I, Like The View said...

d'ya know. . .

. . .I've just been out (for essential supplies only, you understand) (ooh! look, "essential"!)(if only. . .)

and it's beautiful out there!

sun shining, blue skies, fresh

a wonderful day

if only I had someone to share it with


but I don't, so I'll just enjoy it alone and hope that where you are is gorgeous too


Dave said...

Now you see, if you'd have come up here to Norfolk for your New Year holiday, you could have sat here and watched the snow.

I, Like The View said...

well, believe me, I would have loved to

but I'd have still been alone, wouldn't I? as, erm, I get the impression that, but correct me if I'm wrong, I often am, and I never understand people's sense of humour, and always fall for something that I wasn't supposed to, you'd have been off snogging all your girlies (realising your new year's resolutions, it seems)

was it a one weekend offer? or may I take a raincheck?

Dave said...

You're welcome any time. I mean that.

mig said...

You're always welcome here, but you know that (I hope).
It's not a bad way to start the year - getting in supplies :)

I, Like The View said...

ok! so I have to plan a couple of visits this year, this spring, soon!!!

be prepared people, be very prepared


Mel said...


Yes, well.....yesterday's morning started with a fairy sassing, as you well know.

It was all good from then on, I might mention.

<-- guesses she showed THEM! HA!


Mel said...

OH! And this morning.....

I don't think I'm out of anything 'cept sleep.


Babies are silly.
But I've been reminded how listening to sea sounds helps me fall asleep!
Now if it would only keep babies asleep.....

Sorrow said...

no milk either
weather is for crap so i am using the powdered shit.
Still don't have a fridge
the old one broke in November...
it's what i get for ordering it from a little shop instead of going to a big box store.
otherwise no one is ill, and I made crepes for dinner.

I, Like The View said...

sorrow I should get some of that powdered stuff - mind you, it is a bit shit, eh

I made the mistake of buying a coffee machine from Amazon, not the local store - if I'd have bought locally, I could have taken it straight back when it broke a few days later

Mel I was telling Mini-Teen today how she and Teen Too slept thru before The Teen did, how I hadn't had a full nights sleep in about four years at one stage - YAWN!!!!! (those fairies know their stuff, eh!)