actually, those were fairly boring

so let's widen the choice a little. . .


Mel said...



Yes, please!

I'll invent things to do if I can use 'em all!
Yes. I'm greedy.

Spadoman said...

Those with the skull and crossbones are cool! Do they really exist? Where can I get some?


katherine. said...

I like the button ones.

I bet I could make those.
I have some way cool odd buttons.

hmmm...I seem to remember talking about buttons here before...??

I, Like The View said...

yes, you're right katherine. - I like buttons!

DIY button push-pins, here we come. . .


man I should have credited the image. . . I google imaged "custom push pins" and looked thru some pages. . . you'll find them here (etsy, of course)

(actually I think they might be fridge magnets, but who's quibbling)


I like these ones! and these are excellent. . .

Mel a bulletin board with a selection of those on must be so much more attractive than the pile of scribbled notes I have on the back of various envelopes on my desk. . .




Rimshot said...

assuming up to three hours of fun, that's still less than a minute of fun per button.

Mel said...


Can I have monkey's too?
I like the monkey ones!

Oh gawdddddd...let's not talk things crowded on sticky notes that get lost or misplaced, please.

I'm SURE if I had a board with pretty pins........

*going to make a suggestion to himself*

(just a suggestion, mind you....)

MIGHT include monkey pins......

I, Like The View said...

Mel sweetie, you can have monkeys and anything else you'd like. . .

get that man working on the project!!

shot why only three hours of fun?

Mel said...


There IS that little square corkboard with magnets on the fridge--with bug pins.
I didn't forget it!
I knew it was there.

BIG and BETTER was what I was goin' for.
Really.....there was no need for himself to walk me out to the kitchen and reintroduce myself to the little square of cork.

I was thinkin' BIG square --with monkey pins!

He patted me on the head.
That's not a very good start, huh?