what do you need to remind yourself to do today?
and which colour pin will you use to put your note onto the board with!


Dave said...

Get some milk. Red.

Mel said...

k....I cheated and went to the fun tacks before I commented here....

*hanging head*

Make an unpleasant phone call. Orange.

Dave said...

So so glad you did this. Just came here again to say that I'd bought the milk - and remembered that I'd left it in the conservatory, and hadn't put it in the fridge.

Without this blog post I'd probably have found it again next week, after it had turned green.

Thank you.

Spadoman said...

Let's see. Today I have to get the Grandkids on the school bus at 8:00 a.m., then go to the YMCA and ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes or so. After that, go to the coffee shop, drink a small double Americano, meet my friend Nick, go to the orchard and get apples and bring them to the food shelf, come home, cook a dish to pass at this evenings function, then get ready and get to said function, a Sweat Lodge ceremony, by 5:00 p.m.

I'm not sure there enough push pins for all these notes!

Peace to you.

Rimshot said...

It wouldn't matter if I wrote it down, I'd still not get around to it, whatever it might be, but all the pins need to be the same color on the board. Otherwise it would just drive be batty!

mig said...

I need some more pins!!!
(Or maybe I need to throw some stuff out? Hmm)
No. I definitely need some more pins - the button ones please.

Mel said...

*hanging head*

This is where I admit I failed to make the needed, unpleasant phonecall.....*sigh*

k.....even with the orange stickpin--


I, Like The View said...

Mel don't worry, dearheart. . . you'll get around to it

*pushes monkey pins into other corners of note to remind Mel*

(and if it stays up there any longer, as least it looks pretty)

mig they're cute, eh

of course, one could always just make a smiley face or a heart with the pins and not worry about the things-to-do-notes

shot all the pins need to be the same colour. . .


I'm confused! what's the point of that!

man we'll write those down really really small and neatly. . . there! skull pins, wasn' it?

Dave my pleasure!