brighten up your desk this morning!

and share the bunch of flowers I treated myself to. . . (rannunculus, which I really like) or, if you prefer more pastel shades. . .
or. . . perhaps you like red?
given the choice,
what would you like to have
on your desk right now?

(a pile of paid bills, a to-do list with all the to-dos ticked off,
a crystal ball are excluded. . .)

(a cup of hot, fresh coffee or tea
or a drink of your choice
should be on your desk already,
and therefore are
also excluded)

for starters, I'd like the space
to have my wobbly Mr Stay Pufts next to my laptop. . .


Sorrow said...

we named the Kitten Gozer, she may look like a marshmellow, but she really is Gozer the Gozarian

Sorrow said...

and I still hate the word verification things... grumble

Dave said...

I'd like to have you on my desk please.

I, Like The View said...

Dave !

sorrow that's brilliant (the Gozer, marshmallow, cat thing, not the word ver thing)(for which I apologise)

Christopher said...

That Dave, he's such a tease, you know.

Are you any good at tidying up? Or when you start tidying, do you get terribly waylaid by finding an unopened letter from 2002/a photo you got out for framing but never got round to/request for electricity meter reading for 1995/all your birthday cards from 2006/interestingly-coloured spiders in your desk 'tidy'? I await your reply before continuing.

Spadoman said...

Ghost Busters. Cool!

Peace to all.

Word Ver: carbogla

Carbonation that boggles the mind.

Mel said...

At this moment--a working laptop that doesn't bother to overheat. *grumbling*



Mel said...

Oh.....and some flowers would be nice....

katherine. said...

that first bouquet is lovely!

I have daffodils on the table...bright yellow on a grey sky day

Mel said...

.....and an ice pack.

<-- closed the fridge on her finger today

k....not just the 'ordinary run of the mill' fridge.
We're talking walk in cooler with big, heavy freaking doors.

AND an ice pack.
What a lovely shade of blue it is already....

I, Like The View said...

Mel ouch!

katherine. daffs are so cheering, aren't they

Mel I keep mine on a wire cooling tray (you know, like the ones you use after baking?) so that it doesn't overheat - but right now, every ten mins or so it keeps crashing anyhow. . . something to do with microsoft windows browser, I think


man I remember that photo, and I have car envy!

Christopher he is a tease, isn't he. . . it's one of his more attractive traits

as for tidying up, erm. . . I'd rather not answer that one (apart from to say, that at least in those kind of messy heaps, I always find I know where every last scrap of paper is. . . unlike a tidied up desk - on which I can find nothing)