pinch, punch

etc etc

(well, you try finding an interesting image from Mrs Google to illustrate today)


(well, you try google imaging "interesting picture of Dave" and see what you come up with)


Dave said...

It's st David's day too, isn't it? You could have put an interesting picture of me.

I, Like The View said...

you wish, as ever, is my command. . .


Mel said...

LOL Silly me--thought I was gonna get the 'pinch punch' ..... and then I scrolled down and got the interesting picture of Dave.


Sorrow said...

isn't march suppose to be a lion and lamb thingie?
what is with the glowing skull?

katherine. said...

In like a lion
out like a lamb

cold and stormy on the first...spring and warm by April

leprechauns in the middle

Happy March!

Mel said...

In like a lamb---which means out like a lion...which means Mel needs to locate the kites! :-)

I, Like The View said...

you lovely over the ponders, I have never heard that phrase before!!!

Mel kites sound like fun

katherine. I'd forgotten about the 17th. . .

sorrow it was what I found when I google imaged "an interesting picture of Dave" - ho hum