by popular request: as I'm sure you all know

chocolate is as complex as wine with connoisseurs comparing* vintages and defining terroirs. . . (*leaving the rest of us to just eat the stuff, without thinking too much about it)
so, let me indulge you with the Chocolate Library and together we'll educate our palates: the library comprises some exceptional "single estate" chocolate bars using beans from around the world. . . the choice includes Madagascan milk, rich and creamy with red fruit notes; the Quebredon coffee dark, with hints of vanilla, jasmine and coffee; and the salted milk, an exceptional pairing that really brings out the flavour of the chocolate. . . yadda yadda
of course, the Philistines amongst you could always just pop down to corner shop and buy your own slab of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut. . .
. . .but if you don't fancy anything that sweet this morning, I've picked a small bunch of flowers to brighten up your desk
(actually, that's quite sweet too, isn't it!)


Z said...

Thank you for the flowers, they're beautiful. And the chocolates sound divine.

Dave said...

I enjoy Green & Blacks, but am quite happy with fruit and nut. I'm a philistine in most things.

Christopher said...

*has vapours*

*is found wandering aimlessly, reciting Penitential Psalms and babbling of corner shops*

Mel said...

Oh how cute! I don't think I could mess with the library it's so cute!

I, Like The View said...

Mel then the chocolate beans will have given their best in vain!

Christopher now Kraft have got in on Cadbury's act, I think we should all be stock-piling

Dave I'd have never had you down for a G&B man - but now I know

Z my pleasure! I'm sure the library is totally divine, but I suspect it's out of most people's price range (I saw it Fortnum & Mason!!)

mig said...

That's pretty esoteric : )
But a totally gorgeous idea. And it's all brightened up my desk no end :)