ha ha ha I thought that might grab your attention (well, not you. . . and I am only putting this image up since Dave's away this week, so he won't be offended. . .)

so, where was I?

oh yes, chain mail

so, I was sent this chain email, and I thought "but I don't do chains" but I was too chicken to respond to that effect, so I did my best and - lo and behold - various people braver than I wrote back to me (very politely) saying that they don't do chains and I admired their ability to be honest and wondered why I couldn't. . .

. . .and thru some bizarre loop of the internet that is betwist and between us, now it turns out that the person who sent me the chain mail in the first place doesn't really do them either
so, there we have it
I'm useless at responding politely and saying "thanks, but that's not for me!"


Vicus Scurra said...

When was that picture of Dave taken, and why would he be offended?

wv = striptop.

I, Like The View said...

I am sworn to secrecy on all three counts

Christopher said...

I think he might have been offended because he only had his posing pouch on approval.

KAZ said...

I'm afraid I just ignore them instead of speaking out.
Off topic - is that your friend's picture in today's Radio Times?

mig said...

I ignore them unless I know the person sending them really well, then I usually email and tell them why I won't do it.

(Except for once in a blue moon simple and sensible ones like the one I got the other day and have had a nice thankyou from the next person on the list but no recipes yet :)
And did you see the QI where they explained why we're all descended from Charlemagne because if you work back through the number of people we should have been descended from, we ought to have more ancestors that there were people in the world at the the time of Charlemagne. I believe there's a similar reason why chain letters don't work.

I, Like The View said...

oh mig! I have received four recipes, only one of which I'll be trying. . . but it was fun (ish)

interesting about Charlemagne

KAZ that's why I didn't send it to you! (not that I'd presume to know you well enough anyhow!)

and yes, I do believe she's in RT - altho I haven't seen it myself; she had an interview with the guy last week and the show launches on Thursday. . . I'll have to go out and buy a copy

Christopher *shudder* please, no talk of such matters here

Mel said...

k......comment got ate up. *laughing*

Probably just as well! ;-)