the first tango

and as the judge said "unbelievable!"

watch N1BGM and her gorgeous partner here


Rimshot said...

I wish I looked that good in a tux. Heck, I wish I looked that good in a dress!

Anonymous G said...


mig said...

Just Wow.
That's really quite hugely impressive.
Thank you for the link - I seem to have missed it on the telly.

Mel said...

Oh wow.......

She makes herself proud. I hope she knows how awesome she truly was with this dance.

OH my.....and she's gorgeous... Really gorgeous.....

ty for sharing the link with us--'specially since we're not privileged to get the televised program.


dinahmow said...

Yes, a lovely clip. Me? With 2 good legs I can't dance like that!
My congrats to Diana.

Dave said...

It cheered me up for a moment. I like red.

Christopher said...

She's lovely! - and what a sense of style and rhythm and all the tense drama of the tango she manages to transmit to her movement. You must be very proud of her.

Mel said...

Worthy of watching twice......three times even. :-)

She really is unbelievable.

katherine. said...

wow. way cool...and amazing.

gives me shivers

please keep providing links as the competition progresses!

I passed the clip along to my friend Travis who is a dance show guru!

Vicus Scurra said...

I didn't watch it. Don't like watching dancing, don't like people dressing like twats, don't like those sort of tv programmes.
Now, Andrew Hore's try yesterday, that was graceful.

wv = conan. I suppose that says something about me.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus I won't hold it against you

katherine. Brian Fortuna wants to take the format stateside and my friend Di wants to be a judge. . . I'll leave that in the hands of your friend Travis


Mel just wait until the finals. . . (don't know when the footage of that will be available, but when it is I'll let you know!)

Christopher I'm just so chuffed that she had such a great time!

Dave good

dinah I've passed them on!

Mel and mig WOW! indeed


G she is. . .

shot you're not the only one