I promised myself never to moan here

so I'll try not to
I love it when the children are off school and chilling and having endless pajamamama days here. . . .

"it might be your house" sneered The Teen
"but it's my home"

(he warms the cockles of my heart, he does - but never intentionally, naturally) (he doesn't like my latest plans to rearrange the furniture at I,LTV Towers) (altho, all things considered, I'm just pleased he has a view on such matters, personally) (the rearrangement was only a plan, to make the most of the fact I have two tall and strong manboys at my disposal this week to help me move furniture around)

"no offence mum" spake Mini-Teen
"but noone would be seen dead with their mother at the mall"

(she's been asked to be a bridesmaid at a wedding of one of our long-grown-up babysitters; she and the bride-to-be have gone shopping together; I was involved in all the plans and the arrangements and have put up some of the funding, but wasn't invited) (I'm invited to the wedding, just not the shopping trip) (just as well - it might have been tricky) (see below)

"I love you" whisphered Teen Too,
he added "sorry" as he skulked off. . .

(I'd been asking him to clear his belongings from the stairs for the longest time, didn't notice that he hadn't as I walked down with an armfull of laundry and slipped and broke my big toe) (ouch!) (it was my fault for having procrasinated on the laundry for so long that I had too much to carry) (and I told him that)

the phrase
"not being able to see the wood for the trees"
comes to mind -
but the view is brilliant!


katherine. said...

I do NOT envy you having three teens at the same time.

OUCH! Breaking a toe is very painful...hope you are not too laid up.

the wood for the trees?
we say it slightly different....interesting....

Dave said...

Try sending the kids to Vicus for a week. When (if) they come back they'll really appreciate you.

Mel said...

I do hope the children forgive me for laughing at Dave's suggestion.....


They're definitely NORMAL children. Take credit for that, eh?

Here's hoping the toe heals quickly and that laundry learns how to do itself!
That'd be really, really cool.....

I, Like The View said...

they are lovely children - I was so chuffed that The Teen thinks that this is home. . . and that Teen Too can still say those awkward words "I love you" and that Mini-Teen is getting so grown up she can go shopping without her embarassing mother. . .

it's wonderful watching them grow-up

a real priviledge

one I'm thankful for


(the toe is a little better now, not so swollen, bruising spreading and changing colour, not so painful to walk on. . . think I'll survive)

mig said...

Ooh Ah Ouch.
Poor toe.
I'm glad it's betting a little bit better.
Naughty but nice - kids :)
Well, nice but mostly naughty I suppose.
They sound good to me anyway.