trail mix!

no, nothing to do with the Winter Olympics. . .

. . .but just because we're all fruit and nut cases really, aren't we

and because it's Friday,
we'll add in some chocolate chips just for fun
(optional, tho, obviously)

(altho I do have to admit that thinking of skiing in Canada reminds me of being a very naive 18 year-old at the top of a black run here on her first day ever on the slopes) (ever) (I ended up at the bottom, in one piece - amazing, I,LTV can ski down a black run, first day on the slopes EVER, without injury: cannot walk down stairs in own home without breaking toe - but neck deep in some powder, having skiied off the track. . . was rescued by a rather lovely ski patrol person*)

(*not a St Bernard in sight!)


katherine. said...


black diamond

<---- very impressed

Dave said...

I've never been skiing. I have been skating on the pavements around here this winter though.

Mel said...

<-- very grateful it ended well!

Good grief--that's not even close to a bunny hill....

Yes ty--I'll pick out raisins cuz they're ucky.
:-/ Not to mention they're good for flicking at the unruly ones.

k.....wait....I AM the unruly one....

zIggI said...

just eating F&N with a small snifter of Tia Pepe -blame Z!

mig said...

Coo! Really? There?

Trail mix sounds good. Wish my teeth were up to it!