on the topic of buttons

(altho it wasn't buttons that led me here)

one of the things I like about Pearly Kings and Queens (aside from the buttons!) is that they look after each other, not just their own. . . "their philosophy of life was one of fate - some you win, some you lose - when things went bad you just had to pick yourself up and start all over again" (full description here)

on the subject of buttons, however, I've been wanting to sew a Union Jack comprising of red, blue and pearl buttons on the back of my denim jacket for ages now. . . but I haven't - possibly because that might be a little OTT - and I'm not quite sure why that's relevant, it probably isn't. . . a good excuse to collect buttons tho (I'm short on red)


Dave said...

I sew my own buttons on.

I, Like The View said...

you are practically perfect in everyway Dave, aren't you. . .

dinahmow said...

Top pic looks like Peter Vaughan and George Dubya. Oh, say it isn't so!

Old joke from circus clown, about 60 years ago:
Is it cruel to stick pins into butterflies?
Yes, of course it's cruel!
Well, why do they sew buttons on flies? Boom-boom

Spadoman said...

You need Red Buttons you say?

Christopher said...

Well this has brought back a curious memory from a long time ago. A friend and I pitched up one August night, shortly after we had left school, in the youth hostel in Como. The dormitories were huge, with men one end and women the other. (I don't know what happened in the middle.)

In the very early hours, about 4am, there was a commotion. Through bleary eyes we saw a group of five or six pearly kings and queens trying to find beds for themselves. I've no idea what they were doing there. Something that struck me was the tinkly rustling sound their clothes made.

The washrooms in Como youth hostel had 'Kilroy was here' graffitied in more languages than I knew existed.

Rimshot said...

I dropped off my leather coat to have a button sewn on and to tighten up the rest of the buttons. That evening, a button fell off. Workmanship just ain't what it used to be.

Mel said...

Well, I'm proud to say I sew my own buttons with a button stitch so it won't fall off. Step mother taught me that one so all the glory to her!

AND.....I'm thinkin' I need to locate some tacks and make my own button tacks cuz they're too cute.
But I'm thinkin' katherine already beat me to the idea.

BUT--still gonna!!! :-)

Mel said...

Anyone can fall on hard times. What counts is making the most of the good times while they last, doing all you can to help others and having the support of your own kind when the going gets tough.

Very cool... :-)

mig said...

Buttons ain't what they used to be either. My Grandmother used to have the most gorgeous buttons and even with all the choice we have now, you can't get anything like them.
(And what Mel said)

katherine. said...

I love the comment section yet again.

yep. already bought flat headed thumbtacks

trying to determine best glue for buttons to metal.

(Dave is mary poppins???