J me (not "J" "moi", you understand)

we're sticking with yummy chocolate this week (Fair Trade, you'll be pleased to know) what's your fancy. . . (if at all? it's not obligatory)


dinahmow said...

You know me - darker the better! And if I can have a hint of chilli with it.

Mel said...

Chili in the chocolate?


Coffee, please.
And a piece of tall dark and handsome.

Short and talks funny might object to me putting it that way! ;-)

You're the bestest!

Sorrow said...

the neighbor brought fudge..
HOMe made..
try not to hate me to much
( I have the head cold from hell so i can't taste a thing)

Vicus Scurra said...

You are very naughty

Dave said...

Straightforward milk, thanks. I'm not fussy.

I, Like The View said...

Dave big love for you then. . .

Vicus me?

sorrow (!!)(don't know how that happened. . .) oooooh - I am jealous (and a little confused, quite clearly)

Mel that was my choice too!

dinahmow so it's true, some do like it hot

Dave said...

I could do with some big love today.

mig said...

I like it tall, dark, handsome and COOL please.
And definitely fair trade. I'm sure it tastes better that way.

Rimshot said...

I'd like some slave plantation grown, deforested, large conglomerate profit driven heavily sugared chocolate, please...or maybe just some lemonheads.

Mel said...

Himself would like the big block to feed his poor sad feelings.

The bug had to cancel coming over for the night--fever and sniffles....and a Nana with a compromised immune system. *sigh*

He's sad.
I think he needs the whole block.....and the rest of 'em to boot.