seek and yee shall find

so remember the other day when I was bemoaning the fact I'd lost my (half unwritten*) novel. . .
well, I happened to mention the fact I was a total idiot to N1BGM (a superstar in the making) and guess what? she said to me "I'm sure you emailed it to me once" and - lo and behold - she looked back thru five years' worth of emails, and sure enough in April 2005 I'd emailed it to her. . .
crikey (do you have five years' worth of emails stored on your computer? I did once, but then in a fit of depressive suicidal pique I deleted everything and smashed a lot of things and now I don't have those things anymore) (such is life) (mine)
thankfully, N1BGM is of much sounder mind than my mad self, and hasn't ever done that (she is already a superstar, wouldn't you agree) so she emailed it back

(talk about something coming Full Circle!)

so, there you have it

or rather, there I have it

my (half written*) novel!

be prepared,
be very prepared -
I'll be trying it out on you. . .

(*"half un/written" reminds me of the old adage regarding a glass half-full or half-empty, which always makes me think "but I have a glass!")


Dave said...

I haven't got five year's worth of e-mails from you stored up. Sorry. But if you sent me something important like half a book, of course I'd have kept it.

Perhaps you sent me the unwritten half one day.

I, Like The View said...

perhaps I will send you the unwriteen half one day


I, Like The View said...

(of course, I'll make sure I spell checked it, before sending)

katherine. said...

that is WAY cool.

that you sent it
that she kept it
that she sent it back.

I, Like The View said...

exactly, katherine.. . .

. . .exactly


Mel said...

k. That's way cool.

I mean WAY cool. :-)

Oh.....that means you can go back to it and perhaps finish it!

I, Like The View said...


Z said...

I keep most emails except advertising ones - I certainly wouldn't delete one with something important on it. I've often been asked for a document or information, years later, by people who haven't kept it themselves. Glad you got your book back.

I, Like The View said...

thanks Z I'm strangely pleased too! (altho now I'll have to finish it, won't I)

I used to keep everything, but now I don't

mig said...

My saved emails usually only go back about 2 years because they always get lost when the computer breaks. Obviously this happens about once every two years : )
So, anyway, I'm very very prepared.
(And well done that superstar!)