. . .time for coffee then!
post script:
places to go, people, things to do*,
you know how it is. . .

have a wonderful Saturday, won't you**!
(*this is where my mother would have added
in a rather circumspect manner,
"she's going to see a man about a dog";
but it's actually not as interesting as that)
(** yes. . . YOU!)


Sorrow said...

make mine a double...

Dave said...

I'll boil mine in the microwave.

I, Like The View said...

sorrow coming up. . . (I'm on my third)

Dave you do that, and I'll put the kettle on and break out the Earl Grey in your honour


Mel said...

So you're getting a puppy!! Wooooooohooooooo!!!

k....obviously I need more coffee, ty--black.

zIggI said...

tea for me please and a pecan plaited danish mmmmmm

Christopher said...

I hadn't picked up that you were keeping open house today. Sometimes I have a terrible overwhelming nostalgic yearning for bacon and egg and tomato and bread fried in REAL LARD. I don't know if you can get this in your part of the world, you certainly can't here.

Anonymous G said...

...comes out from under rock...

Good day, I! err... J! ummm...


dinahmow said...

Am I too late (it's Sunday here!) for a long black? Ta, ducks!

katherine. said...

a puppy????

Christopher said...

I'm so sorry. I really should read posts more carefully. My opening sentence up there should have read '...keeping open kennel.' Welcome Bonio on its way, but I'm afraid I draw the line at those revolting pig's ear chews.

w v bulabire
4th conjugation, like audio

Present Indicative Active

bulabio - I bulabise
bulabis - Thou bulabisest
bulabit - He, she, it bulabises
bulabimus - We bulabise
bulabitis - You (ye) bulabise
bulabiunt - They bulabise

I, don't hesitate to disown me if you wish. I have plenty of experience of being replaced by a puppy.

Mel said...

If we had a puppy all those leftovers wouldn't go to waste.

Just sayin'.....

A beagle!
They're kinda cute--kinda noisy, but cute.
OH.....English Sheepdog!!
Now there's a puppy for ya!!

I'm kinda partial to Cocker Spaniels, actually.
It's the floppy ears and those big eyes....and the furry feets. :-)

I, Like The View said...

no no no


(altho I was in the company of a Tibetan Terrier for some of the time)(who might be getting ready to have puppies)

didn't anyone else's parents used to fend off questions with the phrase "gone to see a man about a dog"? no? only mine? that figures


your parents probably answered your questions, didn't they. . .

honest answers I mean


(oh, and Christopher, from memory: servus servum servi servo servi servorum servis servis)

katherine. said...

maybe it is the translation?

I have heard the expression, "going to see a man about a horse" but I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with what you were doing...

I, Like The View said...

according to wiki, the English phrase "going to see man about a dog" is equivalent to the American "going to see a man about a horse" and both are colloquialisms, usually used as a smiling apology for a departure or absence - generally as a bland euphemism to conceal the true purpose. . .

might be a good title for a novel!

Mel said...

Might be good to start using when I begin my secret spy life!

Ohhhhhh....what a cute puppy!!
Get one of those!!!! :-)

He's got furry feets AND I betcha he likes leftovers!! :-)

And just for the record, my father couldn't be bothered to answer questions--not even to lie about a dog or a horse.

mig said...

My dad definitely used the phrase but I was in on the joke too so it must have been explained to me at some point.