didn't we have a lovely time

the day we went to. . .
The Teen
is leaving home! *sobs* (that's him, as reality dawns) why? I hear the more interested reader(s?) (I know, that's pushing it a little isn't it) ask. . .
because, in the summer, he is going to Borneo for four weeks (to do international good turns) and - as preparation - the organisation organising the trip is sending him to the English countryside (see picture clues!) for a day and a half (two nights, apparently). . .
. . .to learn how to trek, pitch and strike a tent, sleep in a bag, catch and cook his own food and generally look after himself without having a mother in the vicinity (he's just informed me that in fact he is not catching his own food, he is instead learning how to use a tin opener) (ho hum) (in my mind a day and a half in England does not equate to adequate preparation for four weeks in southeast Asia. . . but perhaps being too prepared would take the fun out of it?)
I was first sent off by myself at the age of ten, to Germany, to stay for two weeks with a German family that we had met one afternoon on the beach in Cornwall. . . anyhow, back to the plot. . .
. . .actually. . . at the age of 12/13 I was a patrol leader at guide camp and was in charge of pitching and striking the tent, collecting wood for the camp fire, digging latrine holes, cooking food and washing-up, for six younger guides, and and and. . . The Teen is 16 and a half. . . as Joe Jackson sang "It's Different For Girls" (or perhaps it's the difference between the innocence of the 70s and H&S in the 10s?)

look - even a stone circle!

will he appreciate how lucky he is?
possibly not. . . while he's away. . .
(but he will appreciate coming home again after his few days away)

and where's he going? no, not Bangor. . . but it is North Of The Watford Gap. . . Buxton! famous not only for its Gilbert and Sullivan Festivals but also its mineral water. . .
I'm sure you'll be avoiding Buxton (and its water) for a while, armed as you are with the knowledge that teenage boys are out in the open fending for themselves (The Teen had just said "this theme is flowing very naturally")
now devoted readers, or just those with a good memory, may will remember that Family I,LTV already has an association with mineral water. . .
. .as I've swum in Lake Voss (which is in Norway) (so, quite a lot further NOTWG then) - but you'll be pleased to know I only swam in it, so it's safe to drink (not that I'm recommending it, since I don't approve of bottled water, given how un-green it is and given that tap is just as good)

but, back to where we started, before I finish: Fiddler's Dram and that wonderful song

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor
A beautiful day,
we had lunch on the way and all for under a pound you know
But on the way back I cuddled with Jack and we opened a bottle of cider
Singing a few of our favourite songs as the wheels went around

Do you recall the thrill of it all as we walked along the sea grand
Then on the sand
we heard a brass band that played the Diddlely-Bump-Terrara
Elsie and me had one cup of tea then we took a Paddler boat out
Splashing away as we sat on the bay and the wheels went 'round

Wasn't it nice, eating chocolate ice as we strolled around the fun-fair
Then we ate eels in big ferris wheels as we sailed around the ground but then
We had to be quick
'Cause Elsie felt sick and we had to find somewhere to take her
I said to her lad, "what made her feel bad was the wheel going 'round"

Elsie and me, we finished our tea and said goodbye to the seaside
Got on the bus, Flo said to us, "oh isn't it a shame to go
Wouldn't it be grand to have cash on demand and to live like this for always"
Oh it makes me feel ill,
When I think of the mill
And the wheels goin' 'round

sadly, I don't think The Teen is familiar with this wonderful ditty. . .

. . .do the yooves of today still sing on public transportations? g*d (or the deity of someone's choice) help the people of Derbyshire. . .


mig said...

Oh happy memories : )

Just as well he doesn't have to catch his food. Food is notoriously reluctant to be caught. And maybe he'd better take his own tin opener to Borneo. I bet they're not easy to catch either.

zIggI said...

Ah Borneo, that's where the notorious head shrinking canibals live isn't it?

Dave said...

I did recognise the pictures (I love the Peak District - nearly moved there 2 years ago) but the first one looks just like the rolling hills of Norfolk.

Everything I know about Borneo comes from Biggles Flies East.

Christopher said...

Tin openers, indeed. I thought they caught their food in Borneo with poisonous darts blown from blowpipes. I expect you had Girl Guide experience in this and will no doubt have passed on

- that's to say passed on this valuable technique to your offspring.

Mel said...

Ya'll are talking foreign language here.....

I shall have to googlemap and see what I can see.

Oh, gosh.....when they go it's an experience and a half for the mom as well.
Poisonous darts, cannibals, shrunken heads......man eating sharks in the middle of the ocean....LOL
You could always call the leader/captain of the ship and tell 'em how it's gonna be!

The captain was a very nice fella, btw. Assured me he'd throw himself in the waters to save the girl. LOL

OHhhhh....I'm excited for the Teen! And I'm excited for the mom!! :-)

Mel said...

(and I'll have to make himself sing me the tune so I can get it stuck in my head!) (later, of course....much later...LOL)

Spadoman said...

Well now, a number of comments are about to flow from my quick fingers. First of all, the US Army didn't give me much training before they sent me to Southeast Asia, so the short prep time for the teen ought to do just fine. After all, striking a tent is not all that hard.
The water where the boys are should definitely be avoided for a spell. I know when I sleep in a tent, I tend to not wander far for the middle of the night business. Surely the stream will find its way to the source of the spring.
But you say that you swam in the source for the Voss? Well now, that body must be contaminated for life. No, not from you, it was that other girl, what's her name? The one... oh, nevermind.


Rimshot said...


I, Like The View said...



man I get what you're saying, but my concern is more for the "good deeds" that are to be done in Borneo (for which I'm sure he needs more than a two day introduction!)

Mel it's rather an annoying tune to get stuck

just sayin'!

(I'm looking forward to him doing something constructive with his time!)(d'ya think they'll be any return for me on that one? nah, me neither)

Christopher as hard as I've tried to induct him in good ways, I suspect he'll return slightly lighter (and hopefully more appreciative)

Dave my father used to make me read Biggles. . .

. . .and Just William

ZiggZ hopefully something will shrink his head

mig I suspect that after his little trip, he'll be taking tins and well as tin openers. . .

Christopher said...

What happened to Worrells? I thought that was required reading for girls at one time.