are you in the dark? if so, like my good self

you've probably wondered what else is "out there"
you know, in those idle moments when you are watching the pot and waiting for it to boil. . .
last night I saw a programme on the televisual box which explained many questions that I frequently ponder about (especially in between Vicus' pieces on the LHC); basically the story goes like this:
a while ago there was a big bang
and now things aren't turning out quite as some scientificky people predicted so some other scientificky people have filled the gap with stuff called "dark matter", dark energy" and "dark flow"
despite once in my life being on first name terms with the lovely Patrick Moore, having a telescope in the family thru which I've seen some of the wonders of our solar system, achieving A grades in 'O'-level maths and chemistry, I never studied astronomy or physics. . . but for the slightly more educated amongst you, I'm fairly sure that the following equations will help explain things:

(and if that's not clear the following note may help:
"when k = 0, this can be extended to k ≠ 0,
where r is one of the radial coordinates,
but this is rare"
(did that shed some light on the matter!
or, like me, are you still in the dark?)
anyhoo, what they've decided (and are now trying to prove) is that inbetween everything we can see and detect is this dark stuff which we can't see or detect and probably won't be able to - but it has to be there, because if it's not then everything we've known and thought that we understood until now is wrong
so, given that there's supposed to be a huge amount of this dark stuff out there, I started to ponder over it a little:
I have recently purchased a bar of lovely smelling soap - my little bathroom is now filled with its scent - there were no smells in my bathroom before (you'll be pleased to know) but what I wondered was what was in the gaps before, where there was no fragrance - or, by bringing the soap into this space has something else been forced out? or is the scent mingling inbetween and amongst what was already there (but undetectable). . . now, having seen yesterday's programme I know that my bathroom is full of all sorts of other undetectable things and so perhaps I don't have to think about the soap smell any longer
extrapolate that, and you don't quite get to dark stuff, but we're on the right lines (or in the right space, anyhow)
and then I started thinking about the dark side in general, and looked into it (metaphorically, literally and figuratively speaking) (well, writing) and look what I found. . .
all the marbles people have lost over the years! see if you can spot yours. . .

are they in here?
here? here? here? here? here? (actually, those can't be yours, because they are mine!
the ones I lost a couple of years ago. . .)

and while I was looking for the marbles, I also managed to find all the socks that go missing in the laundry. . .

and, given that I haven't had any breakfast yet this morning, I'm delighted to find something to nibble. . .
so, there we have it

the dark side: really useful to have around!


Dave said...

I lost my marbles many years ago.

I understand the very atoms of which we are made are mostly empty space. It doesn't surprise me to learn that I'm mostly unsubstantial.

I just can't understand why my bathroom scales don't understand this. Perhaps the dark matter is very heavy.

I, Like The View said...

but I'll bet they were beautiful ones. . .

. . .I think one of the points they were trying to make was that nothing we make out of "matter" (as we know and understand it thus far) will register the dark stuff, so your scales are just probably very confused

either that, or the cookies are weighing in big time

I, Like The View said...

and one of the other points was that the dark stuff is in amongst all the space that we thought was "empty"

(but I probably didn't explain that very well)

thus, your insubstantiality is indeed substational - only no one can prove it

Mel said...

I always knew Dave was a man of substance. :-/

In the meantime, yes thank you--those marbles are all ones I lost.

Might be a bit greedy...might be lyin'...

But gosh they're pretty. And gosh I especially like the dark sparkly one that holds a whole universe.

Can I have 'dork side' cookies while I ponder the dark matter no one can validate is there--or not?

Christopher said...

I think it's Dave's transubstantiality which weighs heavy, physically and metaphysically. As for his scales I'd like to refer him (if I may, dear I?) to Acts 9,18.

Dave said...

Ah, but Daniel 5: 27.

Christopher said...

Um. I'm upstairs looking out over the snowy wastes of the Languedoc and the Bibles are downstairs in the music library, don't know why, and I'm in the middle of writing a choral funeral march (not for anyone particular, you understand, but hopefully to convey the futility of a poem I'm setting) so I'm guessing and I know you'll keep me right if I've got it wrong:

Thou art weighed in the balance and art found wanting

I: You'll let me have a note of the rent I owe?

Rimshot said...

I find it funny that the very people who so adamantly dismiss GOD by saying one can't PROVE His existence are now touting a form of matter that can't be proved...irony, gotta love it!

I, Like The View said...

shot it's like a snake eating its own tail, isn't it

Christopher for you, 5 Libra 7 Solidus and 6 Denarius

and if you pay up promptly, I'll even throw in some refreshments

Dave my space is free for you, as I'm sure you know already

Christopher you may, and you did!

Mel my marbles, your marbles - who's quibbling? not me!

and please do have as many cookies as you'd like

Dave said...

That almost sounded rude. But of course, you don't do rude.

I, Like The View said...

only almost? next time I'll try harder

Dave said...

Well, actually it sounded very rude. Only I know you don't, so that rather tempered it.