Friday nibbles

I bring you, dear reader, the humble
crunch it sprig by sprig, use it as the bedding for your early spring salad instead of the usual limp lettuce, pop it into your cheese and/or tomato sandwich, eat it raw anywhichway, make it into yummy soup if you're cozying up. . .
. . .but nibble it and you'll warm up!
(and we'd all like to be warm and nibbled, wouldn't we?)
(I know I would) (well, warm anyhow)


Mel said...



Almost as good as 'bok choy' at the moment!
Yes, thank you--raw in the salad, please.
Or....maybe tossed into the stirfry?
k....yes, please.
I'll figure out how--later. LOL

Dave said...

With chips please.

Vicus Scurra said...

Salad is for girls.

Mel said...

LOL ((((((( Vicus )))))))))
G-d love 'im! More for MEMEME!!

And a happy, glorious, hope-it's-warm-there-cuz-it's-snowin'-here Friday to you, ma'am!!

I, Like The View said...

yesterday was warm, Mel, today it's cloudy again - but you have more snow?! unbelieveable!!

Vicus so does it bring out your feminine side?

Dave and some fish? it being Friday and all. . .

Mel I wonder what it would be like in stir-fry - soggy, I would imagine

bok choy stir fry - yummy!

Dave said...

Good point sweetie. I'll wait for dinner-time then.

KAZ said...

I would much prefer some of this.
If it's OK.

mig said...

Lovely stuff. I had some for lunch yesterday but I'd love some more.

Mel said...

k....himself was of the same opinion.

BUT!! We had bok choy so it's all good. :-)
k....also had snow... ummm....also are HAVING snow....

OY brother.....