the strangest day

firstly The Teen dubbed me a "leet" I think this means that I am part of an "elite", but I didn't (bother) ask(ing)
secondly I wore fingerless mittens, a lightweight scarf and coat (the new vintage) when I went out; I sweltered my way around town (it's much warmer than it would have you believe)

thirdly I noticed that a lot of people - like my good self - were overdressed for what became a lovely warm spring day. . . it's a tricky time of year to get the garb right, I decided

fourthly I am now freezing again

fifthly I have lost a virtual friend somewhere in cyberspace and I'm upset but I don't know why

sixthly having started the day thinking of Polzeath I've ended it thinking of Polzeath (for as much as now is an end) as X announced that he's made holiday plans and so I need to too as I don't want to spend weeks on my own in the summer and I'm scared but more annoyingly than that my nice little cheap hotel on the cliffs is being knocked down and renovated and I have nowhere to stay and I don't want to camp cos I'm a wimp

seventhly when I first typed sixthly it came out as sexthly

eighthly when I reread fifthly for some reason it read filthily

ninethly I've run out of time so you're spared more nonsense

tenthly one of the cats just had a fight with its own tail


Dave said...

You could have a holiday in the West Country assisting me build Ziggi's stable.

I, Like The View said...

do you know, dearest Dave, I was thinking of asking you something similar. . .

possibly without the DIY aspect

Mel said...

Wow--you're a 'leet'! ( teen speak is this a good thing?)

Personally, I think fingerless mittens and a lightweight scarf musta been very chic! (just sayin'.....)

You ain't the only one who overdressed for the weather...dang--started out at 30 somethin' and landed up into the 60's....whodathunk!

And like you--yup, cold again....gonna locate warm jammies!

Dunno how you'd not be upset about the loss of a friend in shared space or in cyberspace. I'd be mightily sad. (just sayin'....)

I don't think we'll get the luxury of a three week roadtrip this year. *sigh* Funds aren't seeming to materialize for that. RAWR. *sigh*

I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes laughable typos.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to go back for a second read on a word I THOUGHT I saw.
I'm every so appreciative of everything you deem 'nonsense' that give me the opportunity to share a moment in time with you. (that's not REAL mushy, is it?...nah....)
And lastly.......even though I ain't that fond of cats--I know all about fights with my own tail. LOL

(((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

Dave said...


mig said...

a leet sounds rather nice. sort of sleek and cuddly.
Yep, I did the overdressed for the warmth, getting colder and then under-dressed thing too. It's definitely that time of year.
I wouldn't want to camp. You never know what the weather's going to do these days but there must be other nice hotels in Polzeath. Maybe you could look some up and thensee where they are on Google Earth. I like doing that.

Sorrow said...

Leet reminds me to much of one of those awful word verification thingies.
( just saying)
sorry you lost some one in cyber land...
that is sad.