not exactly a nightmare

but worse than a bad dream so, over the past few weeks I've been troubled at night, really weird dreammares. . . imagine the sea coming in thru your windowimagine the ocean being so far away from the beach that you can't get to it (you HAVE to get to it)
imagine a huge wave crashing on top of you, only you manage to escape it (THIS time)
imagine trying to find the sea on an endless stretch of sand (you HAVE to find it)

imagine not being able to reach the beach because it's obliterated by the tide (you HAVE to reach the beach)

imagine trying to find the sand, only there is no sand (you HAVE to find the sand)there's no sand, no matter where you search (you HAVE to find the sand)and the water just keeps rising and rising (this is NOT a good thing)
ok, well it's nothing like that apart from the fear and the sand and the panic and the tide rising and trying to escape from it and the beach and the searching and the shelving away and the looking and the trying to escape and the phonecalls (shall I tell you about the phone calls? no? alright, another day); but anyhow, it's quite disturbing - different variations on the same kind of theme night after night involving fear, sand, panic, rising tides, bids for escape, beaches, searches, various ocean related shelvings, looking, more trying to escape; and then there are those phonecalls. . .
night after night after night.


Dave said...

Hmm. Are you sure you want a holiday by the sea?

I, Like The View said...

well, like it said, it's got nothing to do with my holiday plans. . .

. . .and during the day the thought of waves and beaches and sand and sea and cliffs and oceans makes me feel happy!

(I'm not into dream analysis, but if I was apparently it would be something to do with springtime energy, but I don't believe that in the least)(and besides, I haven't really told you the plot yet - the rising water and the beach and the disappearing sand and the phonecalls are just the background stuff)

Dave said...

I've been having a lot of vivid dreams recently, but they don't seem to follow a theme.

KAZ said...

This sounds terrifying View. Sounds like you need to talk to someone who can help with this.
But - I bet looking for those wonderful pictures really helped.

I, Like The View said...

KAZ it's more confusing and frustrating (in the 'mare) than scary - you know, when something's out of reach and you know you have to get to it. . .

like the worst kind of revision for the most important exam!

I couldn't find an image of the most graphic repetitive scene - where the beach literally shelves away on one side from where I'm walking (kind of like a sand dune, I suppose, except the top is flat and the side that shelves away is the sea)

(perhaps I should eat less watercress and more lambs lettuce!)

Dave I always thought that everybody always had vivid dreams - mind often seem to run in themed sets, like many different director's version of the same screenplay, or different screenwriter's versions of the same story

all this is making me think of androids and electric sheep

Mel said...

((((((( ILTV ))))))))

I'd rather you dream about electric sheep--I'd hope for that to be less frustrating. (not sure how electric sheep work, but I'll ask himself--he knows lots!)

In the meantime, I'll send thoughts for peacefilled sleep--it's undoubtedly needed.

(that JUST outta reach when HAVE TO REACH IT is the mission is awfully agitating to folks like me--)

Now I wanna know about the phonecalls.....*sigh*

katherine. said...

dreammares...a perfect word.

I want to know about the phone calls too...

Dave said...

Electric sheep. Interesting view on different takes, given that Blade Runner has a dozen different versions - and none of them are much like the actual book.

Mel said...

(((((( ILTV )))))))

It's morning and the sun is scheduled to come up at some point.
I think.....

mig said...

It sounds as if you're not getting a decent night's sleep?
And I agree with Kaz. I'd go and see someone.
(((((((((((( I ))))))))))))
(sending peaceful sleep wishes too)
So? Phonecalls? Plot?

Spadoman said...

You need to contact me if you want a Dream Catcher.

Sorrow said...

windows to the subconscious? whispers from the heavens?
what do you believe they are? and what do they mean to you dearest I still like the view?

I, Like The View said...

last night I had another of one of my sets of recurring dreams - trying to catch a train, but being on the wrong platform and then changing platforms via a bridge that is like one of those Escher pictures and the bridge ends you up at another wrong platform; but, anough of me - what do you guys dream about?

(sorrow, I'd love to have one of your bear dreams!)