one for the boys

woo hoo!
I think I've mentioned Kaffe Fasset before (for such a talented man, his website is not groovy), but I might not have mentioned Brandon Mably (ditto, but I've linked to it anyhow - take a look at the fabrics and drool). . . as you can see from the lovely Brandon's sweater, I am once more in the throws of a creative dilemma
(well, not exactly - my dilemma has nothing to do with his sweater, especially since I am crocheting and not knitting at the moment) (didn't know I could crochet? neither did I! but it's fairly easy to teach yourself one or two easy stitches, and so I did and hence my dilemma)

still with me boys? good. . . persevere

anyhoo, in my spare time, I've been crocheting granny squares. . .
not quite like that (I wish!). . . actually if I could wish, I'd be crocheting this:

(hang on in there, gentlemen, this will all be worth while if you bear with me)

so, having had a bit of spare time recently, I've amassed a goodly collection of said squares and was going to turn them into a shawl thing (you know, how the older generation like to keep warm? irrespective of fashion, in the case of a crocheted shawl) only Mini-Teen has now highjacked them and wants me to turn them into a hippy skirt (you know, how the younger generation don't care about warmth, only fashion? and - by bizarre coincidence, the timing of which is odd - since I've learnt to crochet the trendy shops are full of crocheted stuff) (haven't noticed? now you will!)

when the squares were going to be a shawl, they were going to be vaguely rainbowishly arranged (I haven't crocheted a rainbow, but oddly I seem to have all the shades and some inbetween)

only Mini-Teen prefers a more random pattern, and nothing rainbow related at all. . .

but - being new to crochet - I don't know how to join the squares together. . .

(still with me guys? hang in there!)

so when I was doing a little research into that, then I came across this:
which I think you'll agree is rather marvellous (and I might borrow its theme for my next round of creative activity). . . and it's based on one of Mr Fassett's quilts:
who also created this, only it's knitting and I'm crocheting so it'll have to go on the backburner for a while. . .but before I was distracted by Messrs Mably and Fassett, I found this:

which I think you'll agree is fairly unpleasant (in that colourway and with those sleeves at least). . .

. . .but! back to the plot! I was going to say something really important to all you men out there, but now I'm distracted and can't remember what it was

oh well!


Dave said...

Ho ho.

Try crocheting a bikini for the summer.

katherine. said...

one of my mother's friends gave me a crocheted bikini for my bridal shower...circa 1979. It was yellow.

I love crocheted things....although in this season of my life...I only wear crocheted sweaters.

Mel said...

You're crocheting!! :-)

I knew ya had it in ya. Seriously. And joining is a matter of deciding if you want to crochet a pattern into them TO join them....or simply slipstitching through the two squares to 'sew' them together (via crochet needle) without a pattern inbetween. k.....that sorta made sense to me. :-/

Oh, but you're crocheting!! :-)

Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

Dave ah! that's what I forgot, a picture of a beach lovely in a crocheted bikini. . .

Mel ok, that's what I thought (and it makes sense to me too!)

and yes. . . I've gotten the bug


katherine. so, did you ever wear the bikini! I've found some gorgeous, delicate, tempting freeform crochet in this book, but it's a little out of my league at the moment!

Spadoman said...

That was sneaky. I was waiting for the man stuff, (my namesake you know). Actually, I want a blanket, not a small throw that won't cover my feet, but a longer wider one for whan I take naps on the sofa. That blue one might do the trick, but it has to be soft, and n ot scratchy, and absorbant (I might start to drooling as I age).

Goos stuff View.

Peace to you.

Spadoman said...

Soory, that should be "good" stuff, not goos stuff.
I went back and looked. On the keyboard, the "s" is right next to the "d"/ That means, I did the fat fingered mambo yet again. I hate it when I type a letter like "r", when the word needed a letter like "k". They are nowhere near each other and then people will know I am just stupid and not fat fingered, or, I could be fat fingered AND stupid. Oh, nevermind.

I, Like The View said...


I'm always mis-typing stuff, because I am wrongly fingered and incorrectly brained (as you may have worked out - but you keep coming back anyhoo, bless you)

mig said...

My typos get more and more bizarre. Sometimes I get some of the letters for the next word into the current one. And sometimes 'y' and 's' get transposed - ie, tickly and tickles. And sometimes there seems to be no reason - how did 'transposed' come out as tronspose?

mig said...

But the crocheting and knitting is lovely. I'm sure I left a comment on it before - maybe I tronsposed it?