upon discovering Mel built a pool in the

backyard, Dave and Vicus decide to have a paddle (then one of them goes in for a swim)postscript:despite what he says about swimming, Dave's braver than that...


Mel said...


k...laughing out loud isn't any better than snickering, huh?

They're lookin' pretty....umm..familiar with each other, dontchathink? :-/

I do so love the stripey socks on the zebra.
Yeah, well...guess they'd look kinda funky with polka dots and argyles. NOT that funky is a bad thing...LOL

Dave said...

I think Vicus will be very offended at the way you've portrayed him.

I don't do swimming.

Mel said...

Awwwww...I think you're both cute!
And paddlin' isn't swimming--it's.....paddlin'.

No worries. We have floaty thingies we can put on four legs! (with or without stripey socks) Might be just as easy to STAND UP if you get a little spooked in the waters, yaknow!

Mel said...

UH oh.....here comes the Mud Song.....

*humming happily*

Mel said...

LOOK!! Paddlin' zebra!

I like saying "zeb ra" with that short e sound.
I wonder if anyone'll notice if I snag that and call it my own.
I mean, how many times does one actually say 'zebra' anyway?!

PADDLIN' zebra!!!! :-)

I, Like The View said...

I like the way you say ze bra Mel. . . zee bra sounds too much like undergarment thingies to me

it's all yours!

(and yes, I'm humming glorious mud too now!)(or shouldn't it be the xmas hippo song. . .?)

Dave we won't know unless he shows up. . . and if he doesn't, we'll just take it as read that he did but he's offended
(or perhaps he's still busy with the girls you rejected? if only you knew how hard I'd looked to find ones with RED bikinis. . .)

mig said...

actually, :D

Spadoman said...

I thought the zee bra was the biggest one you could get.

Mel said...


Wouldn't know, Spadoman....LOL We do other letters of the alphabet in this house. ;-)

Oh I wanna Hippopotamus on Sunday.
Only a Hippopotamus will do.
NO crockadile.
NO rhinosauruseseses

(darn things gonna be stuck all day now....)