so. . . The Teen. . .

my beloved first born

(that's me in the background, peeking around the door
- I'm not allowed in his room -
hoping he'll at least pass me out
the laundry and accumulated debris and rubbish
if I ask nicely)
(notice anything wrong in this dynamic?)

he was due round at ten this morning and - somewhat amazingly - at half nine, when I was still peacefully slumbering in my place of comfy hibernation, I was brutally awoken by the sound of the front door slamming with a huge bang and Jon Stewart's Daily Show playing VERY loudly on the electrical televisual box; at a quarter to ten (it's a fifteen minute show, if you skip quickly thru the ad break) I thought it would be hilarious to text him from my cozy bed: "could you make me a cup of tea, darling?", so I do*; I hear his phone buzz and then a muffled guffaw (he wouldn't want to admit to my being able to bring a smile to his face now would he) and then my phone buzzes with his reply: "No."; I try again: "could you at least put some water in the kettle and turn it on, please?"; reply: "Get up and do it yourself."

(notice anything wrong in this dynamic?)

ok, we might pause at this moment and consider that perhaps, as his doting mother, I should have had my early morning cuppa and have been up and about already, but. . . it is Saturday, my day of rest; and I haven't revealed the reason for his weekend visit (given that he's usually with X or "out"): a purchasing trip to The Vintage Shop

if you've forgotten (and why should you remember?) I might remind you that the POVS and I have recently received an invitation to the wedding of a lovely young woman who, quite a few years ago now, was the POVS' favourite babysitter; Mini-Teen is to be a bridesmaid; not to be outdone by a girl, The Teen and Teen Too decided that they wanted to go "dressed up" and I (in a moment of somewhat foolish enthusiasm) agreed to foot the bill (for those of you without C21st teens, and unfamiliar with my XY progeny, this means I'm now obliged to kit them out in top hats, waistcoats and tails)

whilst part of me muttered "ho hum", another part of me was very chuffed that not only do the XY's want to go to the wedding (their first), they are happy to go with me, and also they want to be smartly attired (or at least attired in something other than jeans and t-shirts) (which is why I'd enthusiastically, but foolishly as it turns out, agreed to sort them out in the wardrobe departments)


a small (*cough splutter*) shopping trip later and I can vouch for that fact that The Teen will indeed look very smart at the wedding. . . the only thing is, now he's decided his look will not be complete without one of these - an item not included in the original wedding attire agreement:

. . .at which point I said "if only you'd made me that cuppa, sweetheart!" and felt that we had finally reached a suitable status of pax on the first drink of my day situation (when I mentioned this to him, he declared he'd make me tea every morning for the next month. . .) (too late!) (it's all in the timing, like comedy, isn't it)

(*and yes, for anyone who read the first few paragraphs of Men Are From Mars, perhaps I didn't phrase it very well - but he knew what I meant)


Mel said...

Oh sure.....nowwwwwwww he wants to make a cuppa. *snickering*

Day late and walking stick short! know what I mean.

Top hats and waistcoats. Yup, they'll look dashing, indeed.
But wait a minute--what are you wearing?!

I, Like The View said...

photos will be taken!!!

naturally, there's a wardrobe full of clothes that aren't quite right. . .

but if I think about it, I have the option of a black thing or a cream thing. . . or some silvery things (can one wear silver to a wedding?)(at least I'd match the top of the cane)(if I wear to purchase it for the beloved boy)

I did see a bag in a colour that matches the grown-up bridesmaid dresses. . . in one of my favourite shops. . .with fluffy-but-not-too-fluffy feathery bits on it. . . very weddingy. . . would go with either black or cream. . . or silver. . . twas way less than half price. . . dead cheap, actually - a true bargain. . . might just have purchased it and snuck it away. . .


I, Like The View said...

(and it did occur to me that he might spontaneously make me a cup of tea!)(what are the odds? if I were a gamblin' girl I'd be running a book on that one!)

mig said...

There really is something wrong with some of those dynamics. However there's nothing wrong with the dynamic of the feathery fluffy thing or the silveriness at weddings. sounds Glamorous. With a capital G. Very.
(I wish the wv had been fuffy but sadly it was only a typo)
((however the wv is loalinpo which is wonderful - what can it mean?))

Dave said...

I expect you'll have lots of surprise treats today.

Mel said...

Happy Mothering Sunday to you, ma'am.

Lemme know if a cuppa happens today, please.....or if a fluffy, glamorous OTHER bag happens..or flowers maybe--daffodills would be cool, of course.

k.....there might be something wrong with those dynamics for other people--but if it works for you......
Personally, I'd really desparate to let my kiddo make me a cuppa anything. LOL I've had her coffee--*shudder* Hot coloured water......*blech*

OH!! WV=airoidos

Bye bye air!! LOL (yes, I see things others do not....)

Mel said...

Can one wear black with silver to a wedding?
And yes, please--pictures, definitely......

A complete misrepresentation, huh.....yeah, right....LOL

Happy Mothering Sunday!!


Now that one is definitely spot on!

I, Like The View said...

Mel he did make me correct the grammar in the way I'd written up his texts

I think you can probably wear anything you fancy to a wedding, can't you - they should be that kind of occasion. . .

and Happy Mother's Day to you too!! and Happy Nana's Day!!

nope, no cuppa

Dave no, nothing


(they are with their father at the weekends)

mig sometimes I wonder where I've gone wrong! the fluffy bag is quite ridiculous. . . but I'm figuring noone will be taking much notice!!

Mel said...

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

Well, Happy Mothering Sunday just the same.

WE went to the park and swung on swings and went down slides...and ate rocks!
Well, one of us ate rocks....LOL

It was an awesome day, ty!

Dave said...


Rimshot said...

"get up and do it yourself"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I, Like The View said...

shot I know. . . the letters "WTF" came to mind (but then I think they came to his first. . .)

since I proposed the following formula to him:

cups of tea + made spontaneously = cane

he has made me five - amazing what a little motivation can do for a boy, eh

Rimshot said...

I should think that no motivation other than the good deed in and of itself would be reward enough, particularly when it comes to one's mater.

I, Like The View said...

well, see you are speaking of a mater who was the woman who badly let the sons down only a couple of years ago. . .

and he and I are just getting it all sorted out again. . .

. . .I'm lucky that he's still in my life (and doing "deeds"!)

mig said...

My experience suggests that 'shot must have been an unusually delightful and thoughtful boy and the Teen's dynamic (as far as tea goes) is normal. Not right, but normal.