a beautiful day

if the battery in the camera had been charged up this is exactly the photograph I'd have taken to share with you the bright light of mid-April and the soft warmth of early spring
the pavements and tarmac of SouthWestSomething London are strewn with blossom petals, like so much confetti from a wedding; it's slightly strange, because there isn't a breeze and I can't see any trees (let alone any in flower)
it's the sort of day that makes me wish for a garden and the smell of freshly mown lawn, but I have my front step instead - and I sat there in the sunshine listening to the bird song and the rumble of the overground going underground trains under a clear blue sky, in the distance I could hear the music and chatter from open windows and barbecues in back yard spaces and even the tinkling of an icecream van
it was all very peaceful
I hope you had a peaceful day too


Christopher said...

Well, we did, thank you, Jax. Some composition this morning (a fast pizzicato movement for string quartet, including some fingertip strumming across the strings, which I've never tried before) and this afternoon J. and I have been loading up the trailer with sweet chestnut prunings for shredding and composting at the local dump, with a break for tea and almost the last of the Hot Cross Buns with greengage jam and Cornish clotted cream.

Sorrow said...

looks like a dream...

I, Like The View said...

sorrow I hope you have sunshine and warmth where you are

Dave you've put me in mind of silver bells and cockle shells!

Christopher crikey - hot cross buns standing in for scones!! sounds very yummy and ever so slightly naughty!

Mel said...

Wow....beautiful......and it sounds lovely....

We went to the park--and went down slides and through tubes and bounced on bouncy bees!
If I'da taken bubbles-- .....shoot...forgot bubbles!

NEXT time! :-)