lucky for some

so I was thinking this really strange set of thoughtsbut rather than trouble you with the full details, I'll just take you thru them very briefly with the help of a few visual aids
paying attention? good

obviously I started off with the thought that today is St Patrick's Day - if you knew the week I'd had, you'd be amazed I even realised that it was the 17th and you'd forgive me the fact I'm in the wrong month; from the emerald isle, it was but a hop and a skip to Stonehenge and thence swiftly on, to planetary alignment (here craftily illustrated by some marbles, as planets aren't that happy to line up for a photoshoot)then I started thinking about time and my mind naturally wandered to the insides of a pocket watch
an attractive inside. . .
ah! that was better. . . then back to those planets again (you know, how a wandering mind goes back and forth between topics and then back again to one you've already thunk about)
and I was trying to remember the name of those planetary alignment machine things, when what I did rememb was that the teens were talking about one today and I'd thought they said ossary - but they actually said orreryso there we have it - clovers to cosmic coincidence without my having bored you comatose with my actual thoughts, plus you've learnt that a planetary alignment mechanismy thing is an orrery (not to be confused with an eyrie which is the word for an eagle nest) - or did you already know. . .
you did? CLEVER YOU!

if the various teens had pointed out that my education was somewhat lacking, I'd have sent them this. . .but they didn't (they know which side their bread is buttered) (and who butters it for them) so I'm saving it until the need arises


Dave said...

Blow! I was hoping you didn't know, and I was going to be able to tell you it's an orrery; one of the odd scraps of facts that find themselves stored in the strange compartments of my mind. I wish I had one (an orrery, not a mind).

Christopher said...

I hope you enjoyed putting this together as much as I enjoyed reading it, orreries and all.

Mel said...

OH! I knew eyrie--but I didn't know orrery. I'm afraid I won't know it again in ten minutes....*sigh*

And no worries about St. Patrick's Day--yesterday was the 15th...even though it was the 16th.
Do I get points for at least knowing it's April?

Spadoman said...

It's April??? Wow, I better turn the page on my Pirate Queen calendar. (It's last years, but I pasted blank calendar pages i made on the iMac to each page so i could use it again as I love the pictures for every mnonth so much I can't even decide on a favorite!)
I learned some things ere today and I thank you. Always willing to learn new words. So, now, how do I pronounced this orrery thing? (I could search, but I like the interaction with you my dear friend I, Like The View)
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Wow, two links in one comment post. Why do they call it html?

Peace to all

Mel said...

OH!! Hyper Text Markup Language! And I know this only because I put the girl through college to learn such things. LOL It's one of the few things I retained from her going--well, that and I retained a good person to nurse computer owies to. Now WHY they call it that--beats me. LOL

Good Sunday to you, ma'am.
Good Sunday to all the fine folks who frequent your little piece of cyberspace.....good Sunday, good Sunday, GOOD Sunday!!


(I've obviously had a couple cups of coffee.....LOL)

I, Like The View said...

Mel you are too clever by half! (and yeay for coffee!!)

man my boys say o-re-rer-ie. . . but that might not actually be how to pronounce it!

Mel yup - you get points for April. . .

Christopher I did, glad you did too

Dave I think they are fascinating objects