extremely, incredibly, illuminated, everything

so I've now finished my latest book for bedtime
I've been reading about the author; the internet, reviews of his work, commentaries and criticisms - words that people wrote five years ago that are available to me at the touch of a key on a pad without my having to even adjust my position (altho I do have pins and needles from sitting, rapt, in one position for so long). . . my own words only a few days old

my head is so full of stuff now

I'm thinking of a book on a bookshelf. . .
a book I read a long time ago now which comes up if you search Amazon (uk) (not com) (I checked) for Jonathan Safran Foer. . .
I'm thinking of a bookshelf. . . that, in a former life, I once gave as a present

if you're curious, it's ron arad's bookworm. . . a flexible construction that you shape as you fix (not as easily done as written about, but manageable and very robust - the one I gave was put up and taken down five times, remains in perfect condition: it now resides in a box while its owner* looks for a new abode)

(*that person now does their bedtime reading thanks to a Ron Arad bedside illumination piece. . .) (I was present when the purchase was made)

(the image doesn't show, but that is a light)

Jonathan Safran Foer has written about Ron Arad
I'm thinking of an exhibition I went to. . . remember when I told you about my first encounter with the work of Richard Serra?

well, it turns out that Jonathan Safran Foer has written a work inspired by Richard Serra

you'll recall I'm debating my next purchase with those rainy day pennies?yup. . . you're guessed it. . .Jonathan Safran Foer. . .

I feel a little like Jonah

and I remember how I once searched the internet for my unmarried self I wondered what someone would find if they were looking for me - I never did find that someone - but and came across page after page after page of dedications to a woman with the same name who had died on Tuesday 11th September 2001

and as I think these thoughts I wonder if I should switch this off and go for a walk - the sun is not shining, but the air is fresh

I hope you find time to enjoy
living your life today



Dave said...

I've just got in from the greenhouse. I could spend all day there, had I the energy - but I don't. So I shall sit in my conservatory, with an old book, and read, and glance up at the garden, and...

...and wait for a member of my family who is coming to stay later, and about whom I shall write - but not until Monday, for tomorrow is Sporting Pictures, is it not? No image of Vicus' body, tomorrow, I'm afraid.

I, Like The View said...

I hope you're enjoying relaxing with your ands. . .

. . .and

I don't need images of Vicus (or his body) every Saturday, but I always look forward to your daily share of thoughts



ziGGi said...

I love the bookcase :)

I, Like The View said...

bought it for X, for the xmas/b'day which coincided with him making partner at his firm. . .

. . .we'd seen it in Paris some years before, and I knew he'd love it

I used to hold it up against the wall, he'd draw the desired shape on the wall with a pencil and mark where the screws would go in. . . then my part was done - phew!!

he hasn't put it up in The Tower, cos he's only renting there (which is why he bought himself the light, another xmas/b'day gift)


Mel said...

He was 28 when he published Joe?! Holy moly....... (yes, I do links...leastwise this morning I did).

And yep, the bookshelf is a cute thing. Clever--very clever.

I hope you found the fresh air or that it found you. Time to start enjoying that hammock, dontchathink?
Maybe with a blanket.
Silly me--I toted a blanket with me to the swing the other day cuz I could!

Mel said...

...The whole 9/11 thing sits heavy with me......still..... I'm not sure how I'd do the book.

Isn't that a strange thing to have to admit.

I, Like The View said...

and "Everything" is developed from his university thesis. . . what an amazing guy

the fresh air and sunshine was wonderful - think you might be right about the hammock!!

and yeay for the patio swing


I, Like The View said...

well, me too. . .

and I don't think it's strange

how could anyone have a measured reaction to 9/11? how could anyone anticipate what a normal reaction is, even

X still cries at the thought of the friend he lost - the only thing I've ever really known him cry about (he's the stiff upper lip type)

but JSF handles the whole issue with great care and respect, IMHO

perhaps the book might be cathartic for some

I cried during the holocaust bits of "everything"


dinahmow said...

Now that my swap books are done(and before I get involved in the next printmaking round) I want to read. Not just glance at a tatty newspaper, I mean read a good, meaty story.
And I think this might be it!

Oh yes...I do like that that book shelf.

mig said...

Love the bookshelf, it's so clever.
I haven't read any JSF but I did recently manage to find Notes on an Exhibition and Amazing Splashes of Colour. I loved them both - thank you so much for the recommendation.

I, Like The View said...

mig "everything is illuminated" puts those in the shade. . . IMHO!!


dinah I'd say so - hope you find it as enjoyable as I did