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Ines Rosales Tortas De Aceite
sweet olive oil biscuits from Spain

so you know on Fridays I try and get over my guilt and offer you, dear reader, something tempting and yummy? well, I do! and this week I'm offering you (yes, you!) the very most deliciousest thing I've eaten for a very long time. . . .

and it's so very simple!!! an olive oil biscuit from Spain - who'd have thought it??? (see, I've never been to Spain, so not me) .

(the very complicated bit is that each little torta thingy is wrapped in its own sheet of greaseproof paper) (the very best bit is when you bite into a caraway seed) and not only is the biscuit very gorgeous, the ines rosales website is an very absolute delight too: if you do one thing today (or a time-slot that suits you, with regards to a suggestion from moi) make sure it's to track down a packet of these delicious gorgeous delightful simple things


Christopher said...

We're just this minute away to Spain, but only to catch the flight from Gerona to Prestwick - I'll search the airport provender stalls.

w v 'bentam' hen which lays small crooked eggs

Spadoman said...

Thank you I, Like The View. These look really good! I'll be in The Cities today, (I live close to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, these two towns connect on either side of the Mississippi River and are called Twin Cities by many. Locals call them, "The Cities"). There is a great store I like to stop in and get those special things, the higher end stuff, a gourmet item, from time to time. I'll stop there today as i need a few thinghs, and I'll look for these, or something similar.
I know they have little packages that look like these near the goumet cheese department. I never looked closely or read the labels, but if I recall correctly, they are Italian, which isn't all bad because I am Italian.
Anyway, thanks, the site is great, the tortas look great. Hope I can find somewthing similar and share one with you, (yes, you).
Now, that word thingie. You got me to click on the link and go there. I am sooooo stupid to fall for your tricks! (But I like you anyway)


Mel said...

Oh.....they sound lovely. And they look yummy......

<-- now going to visit websites and see what's what!

Happy Friday!! And thank you for the treats! :-)


I, Like The View said...

i had the word ver "coach" on your dream the other day, Ms Mel

very apt, methinks!

they are crunchy and sweet and kind of plain and a little fragrant, but the only problem with them is that once you've opened the main packet if you then don't eat all the biscuits in one go the rest loose their crunch. . .

so you just have to eat them all up straight away (and they are sold in packages of six)


(of course, if I had someone here to snack with me, that would ony be three in one sitting)

isn't the website the cutest thing!!


man me, tricks? you must be mistaken!

enjoy your trip to The Cities - I await your return and the delights you'll bring home to share with us

Christopher I did once travel thru a tiny corner of Spain, from St-Jean-de-Luz to Santander, but that doesn't count

have an enjoyable trip (will she receive the 100th b'day card from QEII?!) and a safe return home

Dave perhaps we should plan to meet in Barcelona and walk the works of Gaudi one day

Mel said...

Actually it is a cute website. Someone has some talent in!