fancy a nibble?

NOBGM is taking me to a party tonight. . . we made some cupcakes for the birthday boy. . . any guesses who!
(it's alright, I don't really expect you to follow the details of my life - but here's a clue: NOBGM and the birthday boy last summer)


Dave said...

I always fancy a nibble.

I, Like The View said...

perhaps you'd like the cake with "HUNK" on it? would go with your marathon man photo. . .

dinahmow said...

Splendid! I have watched the Youtube clips several times and, were it up to me, I'd go one better than cupcakes. Champers all round!
Have a lovely party!

Mel said...


The cupcakes, the dance...the tenacity.... Makes me proud for every one of 'em.

They look like they had such FUN!
Isn't that what it's all about?


Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! And enjoy the doings, ma'am.

I'll just ooohhh and ahhhh the cakes and smile.

Christopher said...

Happy partying. Taxi home?

Mel said...

Okay, okay....gotta ask....

How'd you get them tiered? And can I say I like the idea of a cupcake birthday where you can pick your own cake---and I'm liking the candles in the middle of the works!


mig said...

Oh how lovely. The party and the cupcakes.
Hope you have a fabulous time :)

I, Like The View said...

mig I did! it was totally fab!

Mel the candles were very swish - black glass holders trimmed with little mirror tiles (and bought at the local discount sho0p - so dead cheap)

the cakes aren't actually tiered, I used two different sizes of foiled paper holders when I made them, and put the larger/taller/deeper ones around the candles and the shorter ones around the edge of the tray

Christopher only because I don't have a car and thus didn't drive; not because I wouldn't have been able to drive, had I driven


Mel they are so lovely, NOBGM and her dancing companion - and I was honoured to be invited to the do

dinah he provided some champers for our arrival. . . I had a lovely time, thank you!