Give a little time for the child within you,
Don't be afraid to be young and free Undo the locks and throw away the keys
And take off your shoes and socks, and run youRun through the meadow and scare up the milking cows
Run down the beach kicking clouds of sandWalk a windy weather day, feel your face blow away
Stop and listen: love you

Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down, Waltzing Matilda,
Carey loves a kinkatchoo, Joey catch a kangaroo: hug you Dandylion, milkweed, silky on a sunny sky
Reach out and hitch a ride and float on by Balloons down below catching colors of the rainbow
Red, blue and yellow-green: I love you,
Bicycles, tricycles, ice cream candy Lollypops, popsicles, licorice sticks
Solomon Grundy, Raggedy Andy,
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, home free
Cowboys and Indians, puppydogs and sandpails
Beachballs and baseballs and basketballs, too I love forget-me-nots,
Fluffernutters, sugarpops
I'll hug you and kiss you
and love you

La, la, la. . .
Love you


Dave said...

I'm not sure there's ever been a child within me. Even when I was a child.

ziGGi said...

it's not the child within that's a problem it was giving birth that was a tad uncomfortable :)

Mel said...


Hold on, now I've forgotten what I was thinking.

Where are those chickens?!

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

Mel said...

Yup--how can you NOT love those balloons. :-)

I'm gonna haffta find mine and fill some up with water.

mig said...

What interesting toes in the dandelion picture!
I don't think I ever grew up but I was always very good at camouflage so people think I'm about the age I look.
I think they do anyway - maybe they're just being kind.

I, Like The View said...

mig I don't care how old you are, I think you are just lovely

Mel *runs out of throwing distance*

Mel chickens! do we need an excuse for more chickens?


ZiggZ don't remind me


Dave it's never too late to have a happy childhood

mig said...

*bouncing up and down a little bit*
Lovely! Me :)