the occasion. . . (as you'll recall)
the venue (London's East End)
the music (totally fab 70s and 80s disco!!)

I used to go out to parties and stand around
'Cause I was too nervous to really get down
But my body yearned to be free
I got up on the floor, boy
So somebody could choose me
No more standin' there beside the walls
I have got myself together, baby
I'm havin' a ball
Long as you're groovin', There's always a chance
Somebody watchin' might wanna make romance
Move your body, ooo baby, and dance all night
Do that grooving’, Feel all right
Everybody's groovin' on like a fool
But if you see me spread out and let me in
Baby just party high and low
Let me step into your erotic zone
Move it up, Turn it down, Shake it down

You can love me when you want to babe
This is such a groovy party baby
We're here face to face, Everybody's swingin'
This is such a groovy place
All the young ladies are so fine!
You're movin your body easy with no doubt
Know what you thinkin' baby
You want to turn me out
Think I'm gonna let you do it babe
Keep on dancin', You got to get it, Got to give it up


the dancing (yes, I was intimidated. . .)
the view (the pool makes it a slightly different experience to that at the Roof Terrace chez I,LTV Towers)
and introducing my new favourite cocktail. . .
. . .an expresso martini


Christopher said...

Sounds - and looks - good. Dancing, too! Hope you had a great time.

ziGGi said...

are you sure that last one's a drink - looks like you'd need a spoon!

Glad it was fun fun fun :)

Mel said...

Uh oh..... I need to stay away from the martini. Holy moly--it looks awesome!

And you, I hope, had a fabulous time! :-)

Oh, how could you not.....

Dave said...

Horses for courses. I'm sure it wouldn't have suited me.

Dave said...

Oh, and if you want to keep your place in the team, it's early nights on Fridays in future, young lady.

donn said...

That would be sooooooooo fun.
Marvin Gaye um um um that was one groovy cat Man!
Sexual healin' uh uh uh dayam!
Then he gets shot by his crackerass psychotic Preacher Father..I remember that.

and thanx for droppin by the remains of my blog, that is very kind...above and beyond. :)

I, Like The View said...

donn the dancing dudes were from the 80s band, well actually they still are the band, Imagination - friends of the birthday boy

they are sooooooooooo old now (compared to how old they were back in the 80s, if you see what I mean), but still so funky and groovy*

*a little like your blog (ha ha ha!!)

Dave no problem - doubt I'll be invited to another partay like that for a long time!

Dave you'd have enjoyed talking to the Olympic/cricketing sportsmen/"celebs" (apart from the delicious athlete Colin Jackson, I didn't recognise them in order to name them for you - sorry)

Mel an evening out with NOBGM is always brilliant, I drank cola all night then finally gave into the delights of the expresso martini. . .

ZiggZ it's an awesome drink, but you know me - not keen on alcohol, but a small sip everynowandagain is acceptable

Christopher I did - thank you!