and today's first party game is

a recycled newspaper bag filling dash. . .
. . .thru the fabulous shop
of Ms Hope and Mr Greenwood

and after that we'll play the one where you have to put on mittens and a hat and scarf (all hand-knitted by moi) and then wo/manhandle some cutlery in order to chop up a bar of Cadbury's Fruit & Nutinto bite-sized pieces, and try and attach large chunks (bite-size proving tricky) of it to the prongs of your fork to shove into your mouth; before someone throws a handfull of dice one of which rolls a six signifying that it is their turn at the chocolate. . .
. . .and then we'll have a bubble battle



Mel said...


NOT that I don't appreciate the bubble gun bath--but OMG!!!!!!!

I'm stuck in Hope and Greenwood and I'M NOT LEAVING!!!!! :-)

They have candy bananas and buttered brazils and coconut ice and flower mallows and coke bottles! OMG... Can I have another bag or two, please?

Trade ya the bubble gun!

Mel said...

They have chocolate pirates!!!!!!!

Just sayin'.....

I, Like The View said...

it would be a great place to be stuck!!!

*passes another bag or three*

I, Like The View said...

I'm back - did someone mention coconut ice?

<---- licking lips