slice of cake anyone?

washed down with a lash or two of ginger beer. . .


Mel said...

GIANT gobstoppers!!!!

Omgosh...and black jack chews!!!
And candy watches....

Yeahyeah.....cake...k...ty, no cake.

How many bags can I take into Hope and Greenwood again?


OH!! OH!! They have sugar how cute are those.....

mig said...

Ooh ginger beer! And good strong bottles, no serial explosions in this larder :)

I, Like The View said...

mig I was rather hoping to drink the ginger stuff with y'all, not store it in the larder! but perhaps having a little spare is a good thing


Mel ok, I might have to fight you for the giant gobstoppers. . . I love licking thru all the different colour layers

or perhaps we'll just sneak back into the shop and get some more!