and your parting gift: a choice! either

a brown paper package wrapped up in string. . . . . .or a little blue box

(what did you find inside? do tell!)


Rimshot said...

Parting? I don't like parting.

(but my brown paper package contained books, lots and lots of books!)

Mel said...

Another bag to stuff things into at Hope and Greenwoods, maybe?

k...maybe not sugar pigs (cute as they are...)....maybe the coconut mushroomy thingies! many candies, so little room in a bag.....

mig said...

My brown paper parcel had silk pyjamas in it. Blue, with dark embroidery on the collar.
Thank you :)

I, Like The View said...

mig oooh!!!!! I'd love a pair of silk pjs - glad you had something so delicious


Mel I'm sending a bigger box your way


shot can't go wrong with books. . . go even less wrong with lots of 'em


Dave said...

My brown parcel contained my lost youth.

I, Like The View said...


that was supposed to be mine!


(I'm always in the market for a lost youth)