five minutes of your time please, you'll need a

pen and paper at the ready. . . as you scroll down, you'll see some images I'd like you to look at each for a moment or two, look at every one in turn, until you get to the bottom:
. 8. 9. 10. 11. now, please, go back to the top and make a note of the word/s that occured to you when you looked at each individual picture. . .
next, please type the words into the comments without being influenced by anyone else's comment*, apart from mine!!!!!!!
(*that is assuming anyone apart from you, dear reader, had five minutes of your precious time to spare and share with moi!)


I, Like The View said...

I only want you type the words that you might have written that relate to the sense of SOUND

that is, what you heard when you looked at the pictures

if none of your words related to sound for any of the images, please go back and see if the word prompts any other thoughts now I've primed you. . .

if your answer is "no sound" please write this next to the image number!


ziGGi said...

nope no sounds all emotions!

spadoman said...

okay, here's what went on. I looked at all the pictures, one by one as you suggested. I said some words as I looked at each one. Things like Baby crying, a Stradivarius, somneone playing the Stradivarius, bubbles etc etc. I didn't hear any sound on any of them. Makes me think I was using only the sense of sight.

If it had been suggested in the beginning to pay attention to the sound you would hear while looking, then the outcome would be different I'm sure.


I, Like The View said...

good work guys!!!

keep it up - now you have to go back and, knowing that I want "sound words" listen to you head and see what the noises are (if it's voices, I'll send the meds round)

Dave said...

Without knowing you wanted sounds, almost everything I wrote down first time was a sound. Have gone back though to fill in the gaps:

Silence (I like silence - I don't need music playing all the time, so silence isn't a negative sound for me)
Air recycling noise in spacesuit
Birdsong/water noise

Mel said...

Well shoot. Some were sounds from the get go--some were not.
Sometimes my brain skittled three thoughts deep and I was reciting nursery rhymes or songs started.
Dunno what that means....LOL But I do know I have an active brain, thanks to the two pots of coffee.

Rustling grass
That silent/no noise wailing
Charlie Daniels music. LOL SORRY!
Right into 'Shine on Harvest Moon'.
And into "So you had a bad day".(beats me--maybe I need more coffee?)
Definite wolf howl.
Tiny breaths that belong to the bug.
Whirrrrr of the bubble gun.
'Seasons' music
Babbling brook noises
Scales--straight into Julie Andrews' Do, re, mi.

Maybe I need more coffee...LOL
But I can't say which was my first thought cuz they're zipping along this morning.

Christopher said...

This is terribly hard. I wrote down reactions as bidden and very few could be translated into sound, but I'll have a go:

1. Gentle snoring
2. Crying as when teething
3. (V. difficult - the mute's on) Violin con sordino
4. Crackling and roaring as of forest fire (I KNOW it's only the moon, but you did ask...)
5. Silence
6. Howling
7. The slight scrape and snap of cutting baby fingernails
8. Swishing and sloshing of washing up
9. 5th position (I think) - my tinnitus
10. Babbling brook
11. Discord
12. Phew.

ziGGi said...

I tried this earlier and blogger wouldn't take it grrrr

anyway after much thought:

1. a v high pitched clear sort of tone
2. a bawl
3. nothing I'm afraid game to mind so maybe it was silence
4. ditto
5. ditto (sorry!)
6. Howl
7. snuffle
8. pop
9. Vivaldi
10 babbling
11 screech

I, Like The View said...

thank you! I'll explain shortly


dinahmow said...

Hmmm...let's see.
1 crispy frost crackle
3silence(it's not being played)
4owls, crickets, maybe wind in pines
6howl, several notes
8popping bubbles
9lots of strings;very energetic piece
10 rushing water, birds
11 awful noise

Aidan said...

only 2 crying and 5 howl all the rest no sound

mig said...

Well first time round, I had
1. shiver
2. Aaaw!
3. new?
4. moon
5. blue
6. wolf
7. milk scent
8. purple
9. Shostakovich?
10. the sound of water running
11. no words - just a whole lot of images and some violin sounds.
Second time
1. wind
2. baby crying
3. silence
4. wind in trees
5. birdsong
6. a page turning
7. snuffling
8. the noise soap bubbles make and a tap running
9. a brown silence
10. water running
11. children talking.
Hard work that!