introducing my new find

(altho I was looking for something else entirely*)
isn't that how it goes? according to my nth go at it, The Fantabulous Breadline Design name generating machine has called this piece a Flying Panda Production. . .

. . .sadly, not very original, as a quick peruse of Mrs G Image proves:
ho hum

*I was actually looking for this:(and whilst looking for that, I found this - which is especially for Mel and Joe)(both courtesy of the talented Nate Duval)(and this is for mig!)


Dave said...

*waits patiently for explanation of noise/picture post*

I, Like The View said...

what would you like me to explain, Dave?

Dave said...

Why you asked us for our views.

I, Like The View said...

erm, did I?

(I'm not being petulant, just unaware that I had asked for your views)

Dave said...

Sorry. Bit light headed, having to starve for my blood tests today.

You asked us to tell you what noises we heard on viewing images.


I, Like The View said...

oh! the thing below this, ok - I'm with you now (my excuse is not having had enough coffee)

briefly, something I read in New Scientist this week. . . I'll write my thoughts up in more detail later

ziGGi said...

a peeled apple - nope still don't get it, why? Is there something wrong with apple peel that I'm not party to? Or to which I am not party (sees Dave on here and although he's given up saying OUT LOUD tut tut - I know he notices).

Christopher said...

I'm with Dave (well, aren't we all?) - I thought we were participating in some psychosocial survey with free apples as our reward for taking part and now I see mine's been peeled which robs me of the enjoyment of polishing it on my Hawaiian shirt honestly just because there's no firm UK government people think they can get away with anything.

Mel said...

Happily humming--but I figured you knew that'd happen.

Scarlet Apple Productions.
How's that for irony?!

I have a green apple I'm hauling off to work for the morning's snack..I guess that counts for something!

Happy Monday to you, ma'am!!

Rimshot said...

Every Monday, they have a fresh supply of fruits for the office (gratis). Typically, there are apples, oranges, and banananananas. Lately, there've been grapes and peaches added to the mix.

I suppose it's to offset the nutritional damage done by our monthly 'cake day'

Spadoman said...

Fruit. Yes, I like fruit.

Thanks for the gift of a hot mug of coffee. If I remember correctly, I sent you one of these some time ago, (scroll down, it's on the side bar and was an award!)
Sounds versus description words in the post below. What ever became of that?
Oh, nevermind, you said you'll expound on that at some later date. Good to have something to look forward to.
Who's the gal smoking the cigarette on the right side bar?


Mel said...

Oh--there's all kindsa cool doodled things on Mr. Duval's site.

But I think I like this one bestest--mostly cuz it sets me to humming.

Oddly true.....LOL

Mel said...

<-- currently enjoying French Pressed courtesy of himself! :-)

I, Like The View said...

Mel my coffee's brewing as I write. . . he's good at the doodles, eh!


man I'm very proud of my coffee award; the peeled apple refers to something mig wrote at ziggi's; the girl is Jean Seberg, because of something I read at Christopher's; I'll explain the picture/sound post when I've cleared the proverbial decks; glad you like the coffee!!!!

shot free fruit and cake - life is good!

Mel happy Tuesday ma'am

Christopher I'm with Dave too, virtually speaking. . . you wear Hawaiiaiaiaian shirts - crikey!!!!!!

ZiggZ cos of what mig said to you about peeling potatoes and apples. . . (he may notice, but perhaps he's not bothered? he's absent today. . . I'm concerned)