philately. . . love of

ately? (how does that work then - cos if you look up ately, it's ain't got anything to do with stamps!)
this Royal Mail stamp marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day. . . I like that kind of thing - we musn't forget; of course, that's easy for me to say as I was brought up with my mother telling me terrifying tales of the various things that happened to her during WW2: she was a child of The Blitz. . . I won't go on* (I don't want nightmares)
(*apart from to say that as a very special treat she sometimes served us honey and whipped cream on slices of white bread for tea at weekends, it was one of the things she remembered fondly from the farm where she spent her evacuation time)
(oh, the other thing - when I was the age of the girl in the middle of the photo used on the stamp, my mother used to cut my fringe like that, only lopsidedly...) (in fact, she cut my hair lopsidely like that until I was about 14... explains a lot, eh. . . but I said I wouldn't go on)


Mel said...


Himself's mother tells me stories about the Blitz. And about being evacuated.

And as for this household--well, you can guess we've lots of things from the 30's and 40's cuz it seems to be our 'deal'.

Bad haircuts courtesy of a parent, I know nothing about. I don't know that I ever cut my hair until I moved from my parents home.
Wow......strange--but I think that's true!
I now have a question for my sister! (she's my resource since childhood memories seemingly don't exist for me.....)

I, Like The View said...

<--- likes 50s stuff (no clue why!)

<--- has male children who ask her to cut their hair, cos the father takes them to barbers with shears

<--- is glad Mel has a sister to ask!


Spadoman said...

I bet you were cuter than aitch ee double hockey sticks! (and sure you still are!)


mig said...

I shall have to ask Barney about ately. Since he does the phil part.
I have a treasured memory of the time my Mum and Dad both cut my fringe. First one got it lopsided and then the other one lopped the other side. then they tried again. I ended up with a sense of superiority, the scissors and and a short (but straight)fringe.

Dave said...

I cut my own hair. I'm from the 50's.

Dave said...

Oh, on the word question, I'm sure Vicus would explain, if he were here, that phil- or philo- comes as you know from a Greek word for love, Whilst ateleia means 'exemption from payment' (because a postage stamp indicates prepayment of postage).

Mel said... I like the explanation of the word!

<-- is easily amused, dontchaknow

In the meantime I do hope you're polling the teens about a name for the poor nameless hamster.... Poor thing.....

Mel said...

Oh. And I did ask my sister, who tells me when we were wayyy younger, bangs got cut crooked all the time--she believed it was a responsibility of parenting. LOL

I never cut my kids hair. Ever. But I DO buzz the Brit's.
Sometimes I even forget the attachment. LOLOL

Mel said...

And a good Sunday to you, ma'am.

In your absence, I've tended to the hamster.
It's a tough job, but someone had to do it.

(The spider, of course, got played with as well.)

I, Like The View said...

thank you Mel! we don't want him wasting away now, do we (I was off on a short jaunt with NOBGM this weekend)(of which, more later)(when I've attended to everything that needs my attention, since I've been absent)

isn't it funny about the haircuts!!!