yeay! voting has closed

and we have a clear winner
despite the efforts of the somewhat cheeky people who voted "no/whatever", the "yes" vote held a definitive lead from the off

now, the next question. . .

. . .exactly what shall we have a poll about?


zIgGi said...

men - should we
a) kill them and be done
b)put up with them

I, Like The View said...

ah, well see, you might be asking the wrong person here

cos I'd have thought that was clear

ho hum

but, I'll bear it in mind!


(had already constructed poll, as you may notice; strangely, yours is a simpler version of mine!)(or perhaps that's not so strange?)

Rimshot said...

I say kill us all and put us out of your misery.

Mel said...

I say WOOHOOOO that I get to choose multiple answers!


I was starting to sweat it......LOL

'cuse me while I go play with Horatio the Hamster. :-) (before Mig gets here and he won't tap dance cuz he's too full...)

Dave said...


Vicus Scurra said...

I think we should have a poll that discusses the issue:
Should we have said "About what shall we have a poll".

Mel said...

No worries--I've fed Horatio.

Multiple times.

Did you know you could change the Llama to Hamster and the song still works?!

I'll be pleased to demonstrate that for himself when he arises..... Or....maybe now is a good time. LOL

Christopher said...

Is that Totopoly? I didn't know it existed any more. I expect somebody bet on de bay.

I, Like The View said...

do you mean the racehorse thingy Christopher? I have no idea! just grabbed my eye when I was perusing Mrs G Image for a "first past the post" picture!

(reminds me of PTA/church socials/fund raising nights)(ugh!!)

Mel I didn't, but I do now (I'll tell Mini-Teen)

no wonder that hamster spends so much time exercising!!

Vicus I meant to put question marks after each option, but by the time I realised that someone had already voted, so I was unable to make the required changes

next time I'll consult you first

Dave X

Mel I like multiple choices

altho sometimes it leads to the wrong overall option

(see my reply to ZiggZ, as above)

shot noooooooooooooooooooo

I'd miss our chats!!

I, Like The View said...

(and Dave's, Vicus' and Christopher's comments!!)