and for today

a light snack gently steamed asparagus. . . I like mine with some freshly cracked black pepper and lots of butter (and sometimes a poached egg, but don't tell Vicus) (actually don't tell Vicus about the butter either)

how do you like yours?


dinahmow said...

Good grief! Is Vicus a vegan? I thought he was a vegetarian!
Back to the asparagus...I like fresh asparagus steamed, with a drizzle of extra virgin [someone please explain how one can be that!] olive oil and shaved parmesan and cracked black pepper. Washed down with a chilled Chablis or Chardonnay.
Oh, bugger! Now I'm hungry!
But thanks for the nudge!

I, Like The View said...

he's not even a vegan - he's a herbivore


if I was having asparagus your style, I'd add a splash of balsamic vinegar too

(perhaps extra virgins are pure in thought and mind as well as in deed)

Dave said...

I had asparagus for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I put butter and pepper on it. There was a lovely taste of butter and pepper.

Asparagus is so bland, I really can't see what the fuss is all about.

Christopher said...

Where to start? We have wild asparagus, very slender and more sharply-flavoured than garden asparagus, which J. chops and mixes in with scrambled egg. for garden asparagus, J. serves it (them?) with butter rather than the olive oil we use for practically everything else, or else she binds two or three stalks with bacon. But alas...they play havoc with certain bodily functions.

Extra virginity certainly invites a question mark, but not as large a one surely as the Catholic concept of perpetual virginity? And when the concept is applied to asparagus...

Mel said...

I like mine stolen, ty. :-)

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you. Please don't tell me about the poached egg.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus I promise not to mention poached eggs in your presence again

Mel . . .do your neighbours get to steal anything from you? apart from photos of the lovely pavement art, of course, and the occasional bubble that blows over a hedge or a fence or down the street


Christopher I really like it wrapped in finely sliced proscuttio, generously layered with finely grated parmesan and then grilled with olive oil (extra extra virgin) and balsamic vinegar (as aged as possible!) and coarsely grated black pepper

(actually, I like most things with coarsely grated black pepper)(apart from toast and marmalade)

please don't mention the ham or the cheese to Vicus

Dave first time ever? no taste? really! sounds like the asparagus was either overcooked or not fresh enough or overgrown/too woody

Mel said...

<-- is the thief! :-)

The neighbor is just...too nice....

Though he does threaten to steal my suntea jar on a regular basis, he's never actually DONE it. MOVED it a couple times and made me think I was nutz....LOL....but never out and out stolen it.

I do realize the potential exists.

<-- feeds the bunnies who, in turn leave his garden alone.

<-- has the upper hand....LOL

Mel said...

Oh! And no fence, no hedge, no nuffin'...

One of the stranger things himself had to adjust to--the concept of an open yard with nothing to divide what's their/ours.

I, Like The View said...

I think I'd have trouble with the concept of an open yard! how does that work then? they get to mow your lawn and you get to steal their asparagus! sounds good to me. . .


Mel said...

Works darn well, actually...(the stealin' part. LOL)

Lawn mowing--silly neighbor mows, I mow. I mow, silly neighbor mows. It's a contest in who gets blamed for it. LOLOL