not navel gazing

(for a change)

when I was young (stop snickering at the back - I was) (once) (okay, so it was a very very long time ago now - but not as long ago as some of you) (guess who's snickering now!)

where was I? oh yes! being young. . .

. . .when I was young I used to try and draw pools of water with leaves floating on the top and fish swimming down below - not in black and white, like Escher. . .

and not as reflective as Monet

(I suppose I wanted the water to be more transparent) (altho - let's face it, I'd have been very happy with a result to either of those standards) (yes, it's alright to laugh now. . .)

I never managed it: perhaps I'll try again sometime!

(and while I'm on the subject, the top image reminds me of the book I'm currently reading - every night I can't wait to turn the pages, it is quite wonderful and I keep meaning to mention this - and then today I saw that it has won a prize; don't know if that makes it more desirable or less, but do try Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna and see if you enjoy it) (a little like a rockpool, it's not very deep, completely transparent but is full of interest)


Zig said...

I have a fishpond on my iphone :)
How sad is that!

Dave said...

Is it suitable holiday reading?

dinahmow said...

I can't draw anything! Well, not very realistically.

I, Like The View said...

dinah me neither! (who needs realism anyhow?)

Dave perfect holiday reading - I'll lend you my copy

Zig is it one where you have to feed the fish? cold water or tropical? could you get a rockpool app? once again I have iEnvy!

Christopher said...

I tried moving the cursor over the fish, clicking to drop a tasty bite for its delectation like you do with your hamster, but nothing happened. Should I see a specialist?

Mel said...

Well, we all know Mel doesn't draw--even though she does colour with sidewalk chalk.

I like both leafy water pictures. But it woulda been cool to feed the fish......'cept Horatio woulda felt neglected, I'm sure.