do you have a passion for passion

I love it! it's so gloopy and slurpy (apart from when you crunch the seedy bit); kinda reminds me of a more palatable oyster. . .
GAK! ok, so maybe I shouldn't have brought oysters into it (sorry!!); anyhow, back to the plot. . . which was the deliciousness that is a passion fruit - they kinda remind me of a bittersweet lychee, only more gloopy and slurpy and slightly less firm in the bite (and you don't crunch the nut thing in the middle) the insides of a passion fruit look a little like frog spawn. . . in a slender aubergine eggshell. . . don't they, whereas lychee - - -
blast, I'm all confused now
this week I discovered the wonderful passion fruit in the most perfect form: as a gloopy slurply sauce on top of a smooth coconut milk panecotta

(the only problem is that for some reason the silly people who make it
just had to add beef gelatin to the recipe: GAK!)


moreidlethoughts said...

Mine are the yellow-skinned variety. Said to be sweeter, I've not noticed a difference.Try one stirred into a creamy rice pudding.

letouttoplay said...

poetry in passion fruit!

Mel said...

Ummmmmm....can't say I've had the pleasure--

Somehow likening it to frog spawn kinda makes me hesitant.
Go figure. LOL

I'll just ummmmmm....enjoy you enjoying.
In beef?
k..that's just wrong.

Frog spawn in beef jelly.


Zig said...

something a tad ... naughty (?!) ... about all that !

Dave said...

What Ziggo said.

I'll stick to my home-grown strawberries thanks.

Mel said...

k...frog spawn in beef jelly is no more appealing at 11pm as it is at 6:30am.

But Horatio is up and very entertaining! :-)