a view of The View

one day last week, the lovely mig floated past one of my favourite places to hang-out with a cup of coffee, on a canal boat; if I'd been more organised, I'd have taken a photo of her as the tide whisked her boat upstream

sadly I wasn't - but I am in her photo (above) (no prizes for spotting me)(or The Teen, who kindly accompanied me to watch mig whizz past) (he even waved) (wonders will never cease)I'm also in the cropped version of her photo (doesn't it look so much nicer with The Tower chopped off? the only good thing about The Tower is the view from inside it) (rather a wonderful one, it has to be said)
if the sun comes out again today, I might wander back down to see what there is to see today


Dave said...

Looking glamorous as ever. There aren't many who could pull off lace, leather and denim in that combination of colours, but you do it with aplomb.

I, Like The View said...

erm, I think you're mixing me up with someone else

(not The Teen)

I, Like The View said...

(but thank you for thinking I'm glam)(if it was a compliment)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh.....what a lovely concept, the floating cuppa....

*happy sigh*
And lucky youse guys to get a piece of the barge action!
Tell me you got on it! (I'da made myself a stow-away) :-)

Zig said...

wv - shizines

such a lovely one that I forget what I was going to say!

Rimshot said...

for your listening pleasure




mig said...

It was very exciting seeing you and the Teen! I really wished we could have moored alongside and had coffee with you - but time and tide don't wait for bloggers :)

I, Like The View said...

mig funnily enough there is a quote on the clock tower on the church the other side of The Tower which reads exactly that! here


I'm just pleased that we managed to rendez nous at all, even at a bit of a distance! and speed!!


shot thank you, dear FAF - I shall check those out (you really must learn to do html links you know, sweetie)(*mwah*)

ZigZ I'm liking "shizines" - sounds like something one might be brought by a tall slender handsome young (is that enough?!) waiter to one's poolside sun lounger. . .

oh, that was so much fun I've forgotten what I was going to say



Mel there was an offer to get on and have a little float along - but homeworks and stuff got in the way, which was a shame - but just popping down to the river (5 mins from my place) to watch her and pals float past was a hoot!!!

(I should have left the homeworks and just stowed myself away, shouldn't I?!)

mig said...

You should indeed! (Although I must admit Teddington doesn't have much of a ring to it as a destination for stowaways :)
Love the inscription!