erm, it's Friday, isn't it?

perhaps some watermelon will help cool my frazzled mind - you're very welcome to some too (is your mind as frazzled as mine?)


Mel said...

OH! :-)
Yes, please!

Alas--no seeds, this kind.
No problem.......I'll just spit the watermelon!

I'm such a creative little problem solver....LOL

Mel said...

Oh, and as for frazzled minds--I'm in need of a patch job from all the fraying!


The good news is, it's raining this morning.
How that's good--I haven't decided yet.
I'll come up with something. LOL

Vicus Scurra said...

Most acceptable.
Do have a nice day.

Rimshot said...

ah, thank you very kindly. That'll hit the spot.

dinahmow said...

Well, it's Saturday here, but given my could be Wednesday.
and my word thing is shess.

mig said...

I have o idea what day it is. And am frazzled enough not to care. Especially after being offered such a treat. I hope there's a little left?

mig said...

I have no idea too. Either.

Christopher said...

I expect I'm too late, aren't I? But I've got plenty of strawberries to share, if you'll just form an orderly queue and stop shoving.

(New computer?)

Mel said...

*waiting patiently in line*

<-- likes strawberries, tyvm

Christopher said...

*saves the sweetest, juiciest for Mel because unlike others she doesn't try to elbow her way to the front*

I, Like The View said...

<--- I'm almost here, but not quite

this new computery thing is like being an oap who missed her silver surfer lessons and has been given a typewriter which is wired into the mains only she's expected to be able to fly it without wearing googles

my eyes have grit in them

and it's making me cry

Mel said...


The best advice given to me by the girl (when it comes to computery thingies)

"LOVE your computer."