further thoughts

(on roaming)

one is subjected to the noises of traffic (I think I'm sitting slap-bang next to the inner London circular style traffic system) (quite why all these trucks can't drive about at night, when there are fewer people sitting next to the road I don't understand) and the conversations of the other people in the cafe (if I say I'm fed up with hearing the voices of Australians, would you forgive me or dismiss me as a miserable old cow?); erm, I think those are my only two grouches

and others (the Australians, probably not the truck drivers) are subjected to my snorts of either laughter or derision as I sip my coffee and read thru the paper, cover to cover (fortunately I didn't snort the coffee out of my nose). . .

. . .I'd tell you about the most interesting things I have learnt this morning (traffic and foreigners aside) only I think the battery might be running out, so you're spared


dinahmow said...

Australians? Are you in that Hell-hole that was Earls Court?
And trucks are now compelled to drive during daylight hours because some people complained at the night noises.
But I do admire your perseverence with your dongle wotsit.I am considering swapping this dinosaur for a laptop.

Mel said...

Just my experience--but the lovely coffee shop(s) which himself and I wander into play the loveliest music...to drown out the noise of the highway to the left and the video arcade to the right.
The good news is, if don't want lovely music, there's a lovely patio to fill your heard with all sorts of annoying noises!

Of course, I don't bother to listen to them. But I do request patio sitting on occasion cuz he hears everything, I swear. LOL

I can be aggrivating! :-D

Mel said...

Oh!! OH OH!!!

Have I ever mentioned my fondness for Oscar the Grouch?
(himself and Oscar have some striking similiarities--in case you were wondering.....)

I, Like The View said...

Mel I think I knew that. . .


. . .might be why I used the word and the picture. . .


. . .I'm liking the fact you listen to the loveliest music whilst on a coffee wander with Himself


dinah nope, still Putney (now home to many many accents, Australian, Polish, South African, and many many more. . .) I was just cheesed off because they were SO LOUD!!!!!! and then one of them ran off with out paying his part of the bill and the others shouted and yelled even more loudly at him. . .

. . .sheesh - I'm getting old

as for laptops - they're fab (compared to net books, which are just very very small)