I,LTV mobilises

now, apparently, my new netbook travels
without the need for a power cable - amazing! - and, so long as it has something called a "dongle" attached, apparently, it will connect to teh web - incredible!!

so, perhaps, if I get my act together, I could transport it in my handbag* (as above, only gold in colour) to a nearby establishment (one which serves the very decent cups of coffee I've been having recently) and browse teh web whilst sipping wonderful coffee**
*(yes, I'm a girl, I have one of those) (actually, that's a fib) (no, not the bit about being a girl) (the bit about having a handbag) (being a bit of a girl, I have hundreds of those) (this fact prompted a debate at I,LTV Towers recently. . . when a teen boy complained that teen girls - and their mothers - needed to have more than one bag) (hand or other) (I pointed out to the teen boy involved that he had more than one xBox game) (ha!!!! how to call a teen boy's bluff or what, eh)
**now. . .that might be true - I'll have to find out for myself (not the sipping coffee bit, but the browsing teh web bit)
only first, I have to empty said bag of its contents in order to fit the netthingy into it
don't hold your breath - I may be some time


Dave said...

You'll be able to blog from holiday then.

I, Like The View said...

one step at a time!!! (I'm still here, but hopefully I'll be in the coffee shop sometime soon)

Christopher said...

It'll all come right, you wait and see.

I put some spare brackets I had on sale at the Davery, but I see you're well supplied already.

Opening bat I may be (with a perfect partner) but I am not a vampire.