so, I have this new netbook thingymejiggamebob
the keyboard is too small
the screen is very tiny
and my email isn't where it used to be

<--- not happy


Dave said...

Oh well, I'm using my mother's computer which is doing very odd things. I shall be glad to be home, probably tomorrow.

mig said...

Which one have you got?
Mine has a tiny screen but the keyboard is good. (I had to have HELP to get the email together though!)

Mel said...

Ohhhhh......a new netbook thingymajiggywhozitbobber!


<-- knows sick'em about netbook thingamajiggywhozitbobbers.

I don't suppose it came with instructions....

Christopher said...

Oh dear. Sorry. What can we do to help?

w v: thingamajiggywhozitbobber. Now there's a coincidence. Must remember this word for Scrabble.

Happy Sunday.

Mel said...


How come everybody else gets all the cool word vers?!

<-- going to the corner to sulk

I, Like The View said...

<--- still sulking in the corner


(it took me five minutes to work out how to turn the blasted thing on. . . and in the end I only managed that by pulling the instructions out of the rubbish bin and reading them)

I think I better bow out gracefully until I'm in a better state of mind! (in other words, I'm off for a decent cup of coffee)(hope y'all have great days today!!)

Dave said...

I hope you managed to see my blog photo of you yesterday. Go to the library and use a proper computer there.

Zig said...

wv ; puddisha

sounds nice eh?