Alice visits Lilliput

I suppose - she admits, somewhat grudgingly - that I should be pleased that I can still get to my little chink of cyber space (and all the wonderful chums it contains)
even tho I find its size a strange restraint

and I'm confused and annoyed by the fact that nothing is where it should be (altho most of everything is still here) (I mean, you - the most important of anything - still are, aren't you?) (but for some reason, I can't crop images in my picture file - now, why is that I ask you?) (and no, not my wonderfully overstuffed, dog-eared, scrap book of images, collected during the life of my laptop - but a new, empty file. . . *sobs*)

if there was something I could do to fix this, I would - but nothing is on offer (at least Alice had cakes and beverages on hand)

oh well (I,LTV pauses for a moment to take stock of the situation) it could be so much worse, couldn't it

I'll pull myself together, like my favourite pair of curtains, and make the best of it

the very best of it
(that's a promise!)


Dave said...

I always understood that size didn't matter.

I have made a new header for my blog, especially for you.

Zig said...

don't listen to Dave, big is better except as an overdraft.

Christopher said...

Don't worry about me - I'm sure you wouldn't anyway - I'm not the largest person you've ever seen (sorry, Zigs) and don't take up much space. The space I do occupy, however, is completely full.

mig said...

I'm still here and I don't mind at all being a bit smaller.
(mind I'll be away for a bit but I'll still be somewhere :)

Dave said...

Good morning. Hope you can read this.

I, Like The View said...

*struggles to make out tiny print on scrap of screen*, *finds image magnifying equipment*

erm, morning Dave

Mel that did occur to me (the fun finding new stuff!) (and the fact you'd say that!!) - hope you're safe from the hurricanes?

mig you're just perfect, whatever size the packaging is!!

Christopher ah, but do you have a reflection in a mirror?

ZiggZ sweetie!!! you sound like a Panoroama investigator

one of the children brought me a stick of rock back from Ireland - it would had been so much better if it had lasted twice as long

Dave I'd comment in reply, only my new bookthingy tells me I have to start charging up the battery