one of those things that's so good

we'll do it twice
All love comes back to you, it's all giving and taking
Don't ever be a fool and try to mend the heart you're breaking
A thought is but a thought when a heart is not behind it
Love can't be sold nor bought but if you get some you must repay it
If one day you do find just what you left behind, then ring a bell
and make the spotlight clear - you'll see magic will appear
Give me love and I'll bring it back to you
That image in your mind it might be past or present
But since time we can't rewind you better stop and take it's lesson
Give me love and I'll bring it back to you
*. . .look around, all of this is inifinitely you. . .



Dave said...

Good morning.

Zig said...

love birds ?


Mel said...

Ohhhh.......but what a gorgeous finale. :-)

It is a Tuesday.
Fine day for a walk with the dongle.

k....that sounded wrong......

Rimshot said...

That last image is just great!

Dave said...

Another 24 hours roll by. I do hope technology isn't stopping you blog.

I, Like The View said...

Dave morning! erm, no it's not. . .

shot it's lovely, isn't it

Mel I knew what you meant (but it did sound a little strange!) Happy Hump Day!

ZiggZ I do love birds! (is that what you meant?) (!)

Dave good morning

Christopher said...

Oh yes. Vintage Jax. Thank you.

Mel said...

Happy Hump Day!


Half done, half's all good, though.
Today the sun's shining and (hopefully) there'll be no more drama!

I'm all for a drama-free day!

donn said...

The Interwebs is proof positive that birds of a feather flock together...some wif beau'iful plumage like the Nowregian Blue...others are migra'ory and in order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat it's wings for'y-three times every second, roight?